A healthy and happy life is what each one of us seeks. But with the stressful lives, we live, our health and wellness take a backseat. We’re involved in the hustle and grind towards becoming successful, not realizing that health is the true wealth. Most of us are willing to make efforts toward maintaining a balance in our lives, but we don’t understand how to get started.

Health and wellness as an overall goal are vague and may seem like a huge burden. So instead of looking at it from a larger perspective, it’s advisable to break down health and wellness into little goals or actions you can follow every day. Then, as these little everyday actions become habits, you’ll find yourself inching closer toward the goal of a healthy, and happy life.

So what are these little actions or ‘goals’ that you can set for yourself as you kickstart your journey towards health and wellness? Let’s find out!

Sleep Well

Sleeping soundly for eight hours every day can help you boost your overall health. Quite a lot of illnesses crop up merely because of lack of sleep – so keep in mind that a well-rested body is a happy, energetic body. Only when you sleep well through the night can you wake up afresh to take on a new day and the challenges it brings. Steer clear from gadgets an hour before you sleep and establish a fixed sleep schedule – we’re sure you’ll notice changes in your energy levels and efficiency within a week!

Exercise Regularly

Exercise doesn’t always mean hardcore cardio and weights in the gym – it’s more about keeping your body moving around as much as you can. On days you’re unable to work out, you can always choose to take the stairs at work or look for other simpler workouts. Also, everyone does not like gymming, and it’s totally okay – you can pick a workout routine that you love – it may include swimming, Zumba or even a long walk. Exercising should be something you look forward to, so make sure your workout routine is fun!

Prepare Your Own Food

Instead of consuming junk food every other day, preparing your own meals is the best method. Yes, it would require effort and time, but trust us, a good healthy meal is worth the effort. You can plan your meals in advance and look for simple recipes that are quick to make yet would ensure you get the nutrition you require. You’ll find many such recipes on the internet that make cooking easy for working professionals who are busy with packed schedules. So note them down and get started with cooking your own food!

Get Enough Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight for 15-20 minutes daily has multiple benefits. When you are outdoors soaking in the sun, your body gets ample vitamin D, which is vital for bone health. It also helps lower stress and boosts your immunity. You’re sure to be energetic throughout the day with just a couple of minutes of exposure to the sun. So take those 15 minutes off your schedule to sit under the sun and recharge yourself for the day!

Wake Up Early

When you wake up early, you basically add extra time to your day. You have ample time to wake up in the morning, have your little morning me-time, workout, freshen up, prepare breakfast, and eat it peacefully before you head to work. Rushed mornings are only going to add to your stress. Hence it’s great to wake up with the sun (if possible!) so that you can catch some lovely sunrise scenes too!

Summing Up

We’ve given you five basic goals that you can start off with to live a healthier, better life. It may seem a bit difficult to include all of these in your routine. But once these actions become long-term habits, nothing is stopping you from living the life you dream of – a healthy and happy one! As you get comfortable with a certain set of goals, you can progress to add a couple more to the list. Of course, evolving into a better person requires effort, time and a lot of patience. But with a dedicated attempt towards following a routine, you can always be the best version of yourself!

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