Natural Remedies for Tooth Pain

A toothache is described as a pain or soreness that can be felt around or within the tooth. Toothaches can sometimes be a sign of issues with the tooth or gums, such as decay, gum disease, tooth abscess, or an impacted tooth. Read on for natural remedies to relieve toothaches!

That said, a toothache can be connected to an underlying health issue. Whatever the cause, you should see your dentist just to be sure it isn’t something potentially serious. In the meantime, here are some natural remedies to relieve toothache.

Saltwater mouth rinse is one of the best natural remedies to relieve toothache

For lots of people, a saltwater mouth rinse is a highly effective treatment. This is mainly because salt water is a natural disinfectant, but it can also help dislodge food particles that can become stuck between teeth. Inflammation can be reduced too, and oral wounds healed.

Making the rinse couldn’t be easier. Mix ½ teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. You can use this the same way you would mouthwash.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse

This type of rinse can help to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition to this, a hydrogen peroxide rinse kills bacteria, reduces plaque, and can also help in the healing process for bleeding gums.

You must make sure that the hydrogen peroxide is properly diluted, however. To do this, mix 3% hydrogen peroxide (this is a specific HP that you can purchase) with equal parts water (so, if you use 5ml of 3% HP, you should mix it with 5ml water). This can be used in the same way as a mouthwash. Do not swallow.

Peppermint tea bags

These tea bags are widely used to soothe sensitive gums and numb pain. To make use of one of nature’s natural remedies to relieve toothache, allow a used peppermint tea bag to cool down but still warm. Apply the tea bag to the affected area.

You can use this method to cool the area too, rather than warm it. Simply put the teabag in the freezer for a couple of minutes before applying it to the tooth.


Garlic has, for thousands of years, been used for its medicinal properties. It also contains antibacterial properties. The vegetable can kill harmful bacteria that cause plaque and it also works as a pain reliever.

To use garlic to treat toothache, crush a clove to make a paste. Apply the garlic paste to the affected area. You can add a very small amount of salt too. As an alternative, you can slowly chew a fresh garlic clove.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract, believe it or not, contains alcohol and this can help numb pain. It is also proven to have antioxidant properties, which make it a very effective natural remedy for toothache.

To use this natural remedy, dab a small amount onto your finger or cotton ball. Apply it directly to the affected area a few times a day.


Not to be confused with garlic, clove has been used throughout history as one of the most popular natural remedies to relieve toothache. Clove oil can be used to numb pain and alleviate inflammation. The herb contains eugenol – a natural antiseptic.

To use clove as a natural remedy for toothache, dilute clove oil with ‘carrier’ oil such as sunflower oil. The ratio you use is 15 drops of clove oil to one ounce of the carrier oil.

Dab a small amount of this diluted oil onto a cotton ball apply it to the affected area, several times a day.

Clove oil, just a drop, can also be added to a glass of water. This can then be used in the same way as a mouthwash.

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