Apple Cider Vinegar for Vaginal Yeast Infection & Oral Thrush

Nearly 75% of women experience a vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lives, and half of that 75% have repeated, even chronic, infections.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Vaginal Yeast Infection & Oral Thrush

Why do we get a vaginal yeast infection in the first place? 

Knowing the root cause helps in solving the problem and preventing recurrence.

Various factors like hormonal changes, oral contraceptives, high level of sugar intake, weak immune system, and antibiotics create favorable conditions in the vagina for the yeast to thrive.

Topical application of apple cider vinegar (ACV) will reduce your yeast infection and its symptoms. Internal consumption of ACV also deals with internal problems like diabetes and weak immune system causing yeast infections.

Apple cider vinegar can do some amazing things, I have it in a glass of water almost every day and have been yeast infection free for over two years!

How to Use ACV for Vaginal Yeast Infection?

If you are determined to make an ACV home remedy work – you’re in luck! After in-depth research on the root cause of yeast infection, we developed a routine which not only addresses the infection but also helps prevent its recurrence.

Let’s see how…

You can consult the following table to determine the best remedy to use for the severity of your infection:



For severe or internal yeast infection

Morning â€“ Douching, bathing, drinking ACVIf the symptoms don’t reduce try the tampon method, drink ACV, and take a probiotic supplement (Renewlife Vaginal Probiotic recommended) after a few hours. Night â€“ Douching, bathing, spray and drink ACVNote: If the symptoms reduce by more than 40% then avoid tampon method.

For mild or external yeast infection

Drinking ACV 3 times a day, bathing and spraying ACV (if required).

To avoid recurrence

Drinking ACV 2 times a day

Before trying out any of the following remedies, make sure to perform a patch test. To avoid burning sensations, make sure to use low acidic apple cider vinegar (5% or less) or dilute it with water.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Douche

This remedy is highly effective because it directly regulates the pH balance of the vagina and prevents yeast growth.

Once the vinegar mixture is applied to the vagina through douching, the symptoms of yeast infection like itching and vaginal discharge will be reduced. You can notice improvement after the very first application.


All you need for this process is apple cider vinegar, water, and a douche kit. If a douche kit is not available then you can use an enema kit.

  1. Combine 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 1 quart of warm water (distilled or filtered water which is first boiled and cooled to warm).
  2. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into the douche bag and attach the nozzle.
  3. Hold the bag carefully just below the pelvis and exert very slight pressure.
  4. Repeat the process 2 times a day if you have severe symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.

Things to Remember While Douching

  • With improvement, the process can be used once in a day. Once the infection is dealt with and you are symptom-free, you can stop douching.
  • Don’t overdo the douching process, as it can wash away the good bacteria along with bad bacteria.
  • Use only a small amount of pressure while douching as you only want to flush the vaginal canal. Excess pressure can push the solution up through cervix to the uterus which is not good.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

An ACV bath provides relief from irritation, cleanses the infection, and deodorizes the entire body. It also provides many other benefits to skin health.

  1. Fill your bathtub with enough warm water to cover just up to your belly.
  2. Add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup iodized sea salt into it.
  3. Sit in the bath with your knees folded towards the body (don’t stretch out your legs flat).
  4. Soak in this bath mixture for 15 – 20 minutes, or until the skin becomes wrinkled.
  5. Gently pat yourself dry.

 Things to Remember

  • For even more effective results, you can add few drops of tea tree oil into the mixture.
  • Make sure the area is completely dry before putting on clothes.
  • Make sure to wear cotton underpants which are washed with natural unscented detergent.
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acv in glass with apples

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Soaked Tampon

This process ensures a close contact of vinegar to the walls of the vagina. It helps in reducing the itching and irritation caused by the yeast infection. Improvement can be observed after 2 or 3 applications.

All you need for this process is a tampon, raw apple cider vinegar, and water.

  1. Combine equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.
  2. Soak a tampon in the mixture and insert it into the vagina for 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the tampon and wash the area with warm water.
  4. Wipe the area until it is completely dry.
  5. Repeat the process once daily until the infection and symptoms are cleared.

Things to Remember While Using Tampon

  • It may sting a little bit. If the application causes unbearable discomfort, then reduce the ratio of apple cider vinegar to water.
  • Make sure to completely dry the area after rinsing it off with water as the moisture can encourage the growth of yeast infection.
  • Keeping tampon more than the necessary can also help yeast infection growth. So don’t forget to take it off after.
  • Don’t use tampon methods if you are using other vaginal products like clotrimazole inserts.
  • Avoid using tampon method if you are pregnant.
  • Use unscented tampons for this process.

Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Drinking ACV

Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar reduces the possibility of yeast infection development. It will help to maintain the pH balance of the body.

  1. Mix 2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water or juice.
  2. Drink 3 times a day.

Other ways to include ACV in diet:

  • It can also be used to pickle fruits and vegetables. You can include these pickled foods in your daily diet.
  • It can also be used in preparing various salads that include coleslaw.
  • You can use it to prepare salad dressing.

Consuming ACV is a great way to maintain the pH balance in your body over time.

If you aren’t a fan of the flavor and if you have a sensitive throat or teeth, you can mix ACV with juice or water. If you have an active lifestyle —or if you’d just like to use drink less of the stuff— you have the option of ACV supplements. Others have tried

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Using a spray solution once a day helps to provide extra relief from the itchiness  of an infection. This process can be used in combination with any of the methods mentioned in this article and it is easy to use whenever you want. Follow this method if you have a mild infection.

For this process, you will need apple cider vinegar, water, and a spray bottle.

  • Dilute apple cider vinegar in water.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution on the affected areas of the vagina.
  • Leave it to dry completely.
  • Repeat the process whenever you want.

Things to Remember

  • The quantity of apple cider vinegar and water depends on your capability to holding the stinging sensation of the solution.
  • Let the solution dry completely, before wearing cotton underwear.
  • Avoid using this process for severe infections.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Soak

This process also can be used to prevent yeast infection and when the yeast infection is mild. This helps to prevent the yeast infection from growing. It helps in balancing the pH levels.

All you need for this process is ACV, water, and a washcloth.

  • Dilute apple cider vinegar in water.
  • Soak washcloth in the diluted solution.
  • Wring out the excess and place on the vagina.
  • Let it stay for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the washcloth and let the area dry completely.
  • Repeat the process once or twice a day.

Things to Remember

  • Use this process only if you have a mild yeast infection.
  • Don’t let the washcloth stay for longer than the 15 minutes.

How to Treat Male Yeast Infection with Apple Cider Vinegar?

Before concluding with the article, we would like to provide a solution for yeast infection in males. Males can also get yeast infections around the penis. For this you can follow any method mentioned below.

Here are few ways of treating a male yeast infection with apple cider vinegar.

man holding bottle of bragg acv

  1. To a warm low bath, add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and stir well. Low bath water provides just enough water which ensures only legs and penis are covered. Soak for 20 – 30 minutes and make sure to pull back the foreskin to make sure head of the penis is properly soaked.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 2 quarts of warm water. Dip cotton into the mixture and gently bathe the affected area.
  3. Consuming diluted apple cider vinegar is essential in re-balancing the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. This prevents and stops spreading the Candida fungus to others of the body. Combine 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 8 oz glass of water. Consume the mixture 3 times a day.

The Best ACV for Yeast Infection:

For best results, it is very important to choose the right apple cider vinegar. Original apple cider vinegar is made up of fermented and pressed apple juice. The natural sugar present in apples converts it into vinegar.

  • Choose organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized and unprocessed apple cider vinegar. Avoid choosing refined and clear ACV stuff available in the stores. Don’t use white and plain white vinegar. White vinegar creates an environment that helps yeast growth.
  • High quality of apple cider vinegar always contains ‘mother’ of vinegar in it. It’s the cloudy stuff that floats around or settles near the bottom of the bottle. This mother element contains all the beneficial enzymes, trace elements, and bacteria which make apple cider vinegar beneficial in treating infections and other ailments.
  • Always shake the bottle well before using apple cider vinegar, as it distributes the good elements throughout the liquid.

Be free of yeast infection and see relief in under 12 hours

Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen is a 100% guaranteed healing system backed by over 35,000 hours of research and the only holistic yeast candida infection system that teaches you to:

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Other Supplements and Essential Oils to Fight Yeast Infection:

Apart from ACV, certain other supplements and essential oils are helpful in controlling the yeast.

Let’s have a look…

  • Probiotic Supplements: They are helpful in introducing a large number of good bacteria into the gut, maintaining normal acidity levels in the intestines, and boosting the immune system.After researching, we have shortlisted the best probiotic supplements meant for vaginal health.
  • Vitamin C: It is helpful in boosting adrenal glands and restoring the immune system. 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, 2 times in a day is recommended.Here’s what we recommend: NOW Foods Vitamin C Tablets
  • Coconut Oil: The lauric acid and caprylic acid present in coconut oil kill the candida. Consuming 3.5 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil daily has shown positive results.Here’s what we recommend: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Nutiva
  • Essential Oils: Though tea tree oillavender and myrrh oils are gentle, they help to kill yeast, parasites, bacteria, and fungi. If any essential oil is diluted in coconut oil and applied outside the vagina, it helps in fighting off candida.

Check out this bonus video for tips on using oils, cranberry juice, and even garlic!

Tips and Precautions:

  • The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can cause burns when used undiluted. So it is always recommended to dilute apple cider vinegar with water for eliminating yeast infections without causing burns.
  • Remember that on starting apple cider vinegar regimen initially the symptoms may worsen for few days. This happens due the rapid yeast dying off. Headache, foggy thinking for a couple of hours can be noticed for a couple of days which should be cleared quickly.
  • Make sure to wear loose fitted cotton panties which help to minimize the irritation.
  • To maintain the good bacteria balance in the body it is better to consume plant-based probiotics or yogurts.
  • Avoid sugar or sweet food items as it worsens the yeast infection.
  • If you don’t like taste, ACV can also be consumed in supplement forms,as well. It is available in tablet, tonic or in capsule form. Regular intake of ACV supplements strengthens immune system, prevents bacterial and yeast infection.
  • You may experience some digestion changes while using ACV, your —body is healing and getting rid of bad bacteria.
  • If you have hard time sleeping, take a warm bath or consume magnesium rich foods.
  • Make sure to get enough fresh sunlight daily.
  • Eat healthier foods to help your body adjust.
  • Yeast infection of the lower intestines (especially colon and rectum) can be cured with diluted apple cider vinegar enema. This expels the yeast infection and provide relief from its symptoms.
  • Make sure to avoid using scented pads, bubble baths and ordinary tampons.
  • Avoid using vinegar if you are allergic to it.
  • If the infection worsens or spreads, consult a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Yeast Infection During Pregnancy?

An apple cider vinegar rinse can be of a great help in treating infection during pregnancy. To make this rinse:

  1. Take a peri bottle and fill it with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into it.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with water (chlorine free) and place it in your bathroom.
  3. Wipe the area (front to back) and squirt the solution on the outside of the vagina and air dry the area. For extra relief you can stand in front of a fan. Do this daily after taking a shower
  4. Continue doing this for at least a week or two. Once the symptoms are gone completely, you can stop the treatment.

Note: Never ever use tampons during pregnancy.

2) Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make Yeast Infections Worse?

No, apple cider vinegar doesn’t worsen the yeast infection. Initially, the symptoms may worsen but after few days the symptoms will reduce. This happens when the ACV deals with the yeast so don’t worry.

White, balsamic and other vinegars apart from apple cider vinegar do worsen yeast infections, as the yeast thrives on sugars present in them.

3) How Long for Apple Cider Vinegar to Work for Yeast Infections?

It is difficult to tell the exact time as everyone’s condition and healing capacity is different. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. You can typically observe improvement in just a few days. Be patient and follow the remedy regularly to treat the infection as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

Apple cider vinegar helps to treat and prevent yeast infection but in order to ensure the infection doesn’t re-occur, it is important to take care of your lifestyle and diet.

Without taking proper care of them, you are dealing only with symptoms but not with underlying issues. 

It is true that mainstream drugs cannot achieve this. This is why many men and women are choosing natural cures over them.

One of our favorite natural cures is a proven step-by-step guide to holistically curing candida yeast infections.

To learn more about our recommended Yeast Infection No More program click below:

Be free of yeast infection and see relief in under 12 hours

Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen is a 100% guaranteed healing system backed by over 35,000 hours of research and the only holistic yeast candida infection system that teaches you to:

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  3. Regain vitality

Did you try any of these methods? Do you have any methods that work better than the above mentioned? Share them in the comments section below:

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  1. The majority of yeast infection sufferers rely only on expensive creams and medicines but these only have temporary results. Thankfully, nature herself has provided us with everything it takes to eliminate the problem.if you would like to get rid of yeast infection & never suffer from the itching and burning again,then The natural yeast infection remedies Will Change Your Life For Good!

    1. i have suffered from yeast infection for four years and i have been using creams and very many anti biotics but the itching stops and then after some time, it comes again. however let me try apple cider vinegar and see the results. thanx for the advise

      1. I’ve had bad yeast infections since I was 9. Last year I read about this and started doing it. I put some in a bath from time to time to prevent it really works just make sure you dilute it.

      2. Antibiotics cause yeast infection so stay away from it as much as possible. For yeast infection that flares up, you need to treat it with meds for fast results. Apple cider vinegar is good as maintenance and preventive measure.

    2. I have been doing this infection business for five months, and wasting a ton of cash at the doctor’s office. The worst thing I could have imagined, is a yeast infection in my bladder! 5 months going strong, relief only from antifungals! So I know, yeast! The docs call it interstitial,cystitis because they don’t believe it’s yeast! They don’t believe me when I say yeast is my issue, and even labs have come back negative for yeast. I however am certain it is yeast!
      So here I am drinking ACV like it’s going out of style.
      Here are a couple of things that are giving me some relief!
      Probiotic… I was going back and forth vaginally. Yeast then bacteria, then yeast, and on and on for 5 go back and fourths. 10 infections. I need some good bacteria! To win out the bad guys!
      ACV! It is my first real relief from my bladder and urethra!
      And vaginally- boric acid suppositories! It has taken 9 days, but I finally have some relief there! Those kill it all. Bacteria and yeast. So it doesn’t matter what you have, you can just kill it. The itching, burning and excess discharge, boric acid!

    3. Im suffering from yeast infection for five years..its really annoying down there.will acv still effective to use as natural remedy?

      1. Most definitely….I have as well bring border line diabetic. Drink it diluted with water 1 once a day for a week every month and cleanse and duchess with it until you get it under control. It’s been working very well for me.

  2. Hey, I have followed method 2 for 4 days and the yeast infection is still there. I did it 2 times a day . Im depressed. when will I get rid of this infections. sighhss

  3. I have been having problems with yeast infections and so I decided to do the tampon soak. I followed the instructions and yesterday the tampon came out clean. Today I started having discharge and after the tampon soak was done there were brown spots on it. What could that be? Why? Please respond asap. Thank you.

    1. This was posted over a year ago but I’m going to reply in case anyone reads hereafter – go to the doctor or at least call them. This is your body and while I’m all for going the homeopathic method when it comes to keeping my vagina pristine and of good nature I take it rather seriously. Brown spots could have been any number of small things but its best to have her in for a check up to make sure all is well down there.

  4. I find the bath method works good, I don’t really follow a measuring guide though, if there’s too much it burns, I dilute til I barely smell it, takes care of the itch pretty good, like not 100% but it’s some nice relief

  5. This works really well! My boyfriends mom told me about it a while ago and I’ve been using it sense then. I get them nearly every month and using ACV makes them go away within a few days instead of suffering for weeks+.

    My one warning to others and concern is how badly it burns if you douche with it or use it as a topical treatment. New users beware! It burns bad enough to make me cry!

  6. Yes, Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for health. Apple cider vinegar containing acetic acid and nutrients vitamins B C. It is useful for weight loss, any infections, lower blood sugar levels in diabetes or as skin toner.

  7. I use avc. it tskes about a week to cure a yest infection I get chronic becsuse of poor immune systems. its easy to use best method soak a tampon in agc and leave it in over night thrn take it out repeat at night with fresh tampons with avc in it . I also drink thr tonic drink delute it in a drink like tea so you do not taste the avc. process takes about a week to cure all infections.

  8. ACV has particles in it you need to strain the vinegar before mixing into water to douche or use on a tampon. Brown spots could be from those particles or something else. Just because you don’t see discharge on the tampon don’t mean its not working. You probably over did it because you didn’t see it working. Personally I wouldn’t try the tampon method but that’s just me douching seems smarter or soaking.

  9. I was going to try the cotton ball soaking method but then I kind of changed my mind and decided to dilute a little of the acv in some water and drink it*fingers crossed* hope this works

    1. I soak in un diluted acv and it does burn really bad for a min then I rinse. The amazing soothing feeling you get after the burning stops (similer to when used on your face) is so so so worth it. I use it for itch relief on all rashes and itches. It works so well for me.

  10. I’ve been suffering from yeast infection for two years,I’ve tried to cure it with antibiotics and vaginal creams but the symptoms still persist even please I am pregnant now and in need of help because I have yellowish discharge itching and does not have any smell even my labia are swollen please reply ASAP

    1. Hi Dikeledi Chauke,

      As per the situation you have mentioned above, we recommend you to consult a gynaecologist for immediate medical attention.

  11. I just did the cotton ball soaking method. I’m almost running crazy from d burn, I couldn’t wait 2 minutes before taking it out. How soon can I expect result from drinking ACV diluted with water for reoccuring vaginal infection?

    1. Home remedies take some time to show results but you can surely observe decreased symptoms. Apart from that maintain your personal hygiene and eat nutritional food to boost your immunity.

  12. Its so depressing to have a itchy vagina .i am having a similar problem but with no discharge will that avc help

    1. So am I. I’m using the ACV diluted on tissue and dab my vulva, I do not have it internally. The first three days,as it was killing off the Yeast,the itch was more intense (I had read that would happen) Today it was less so,I have faith Braggs Organic ACV will help. My Dr. tried everything to no avail. Wish me luck!

      1. Sara going thru the same thing. 8 months of Dr’s. trying everything. The Bragg’s is helping and,my experience was the same as yours. Good luck for both of us!

        1. I have been having this yeast infection for 9 years nw and I’m tired of the horrible smell dat comes with the discharge..i need to know if this apple cider vinegar will be effective in curing it.. I need answers asap

    1. Yes, it is safe. You can just add few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your bath tub filled with lukewarm water. Soak for half an hour and pat dry. Or apply a little amount of apple cider vinegar, leave it on for few minutes and rinse off with water.

  13. For those that suffer from ongoing genital yeast infections and nothing seems to be working, PLEASE see a doctor!! I say this because I had a horrible vaginal yeast infection that I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor about. When I finally did, she tested me for Type 2 diabetes and sure enough, I had it! And unfortunately, Type 2’s get yeast infections over and over again if blood sugar is not controlled. I have had my current yeast infection for a YEAR, because of diabetes complications. It’s really terrible.

    1. Try d-manose capsules. Diabetics can take it. GNC or a vitamin shop has it. Look up the reviews on amazon.

  14. I don’t understand how to use ACV
    vagina discharged and itching. soaking cotton ball diluted acv will I put it in my vagina or press it on the surface pls direct me. am tired of taking drugs.

  15. I used a syringe and sprayed inside -like washing internally-lots of stuff comes out but it feels so fresh and natural. Takes away all fishy smell

    1. That fishy smell is BV – Bacterial Vaginosis – and vinegar will not help treat a bacterial infection! Get to the gynecologist immediately for a bacterial culture and antibiotics! Then, only after the antibiotics are finished and the bacteria are killed, restore your pH balance and normal flora with probiotics and vinegar.

  16. I have a yeast infection from taking antibiotics. What oz of glass? Does it have to be on an empty stomach? If have already eaten how long I wait till I do another dose after eating? Please help me. Thanks
    Stephanie D.

    1. You can mix 1 – 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water. It is better if you take on an empty stomach but you can also drink it before going to bed or few hours after meals.

  17. When I use cotton balls soaked with acv and place them on my vaginal walls, how long do I leave them in before removing them? And for how long do I use this treatment?

    1. You can remove the cotton balls after 15 minutes of application. Use this treatment until the infection is completely gone.

  18. Hi , I have recurring yeast infection since I start date with this bf . We had STD check and i tried many doc medicine . It comes and gone . If I did ACV as my daily maintaince like socking or douching after sex , can it help ?

  19. I take high levels of probiotic especially designed for yeast I have type 1 diabetes since the age of 3 and suffered for years with them. I drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day. My relief has been great. They are not completely gone but it takes time. I went from having one 3 weeks out of a month. To a little discomfort for a couple days a month

    1. I am type 1 diabetes too and been struggling with constant infections and it’s kinda embarrassing. I made an appointment with my gynecologist to see what I can take to maintain a healthy ph. I’m doing my research as well. I bought female probiotics and I hope they work . I’m going to try acv remedies and see if they help as well

  20. Hi, I’m 19 and have been having recurring yeast infections since forever. I’m currently applying yogurt down there and its helping. I’ve been trying my best to avoid sugar and eat healthy because I feel my recurring infections are due to a weak immune system. I dont want to use any creams or lotions from the pharmacy because i try to limit the amount of drugs i consume and rely on more natural methods and treatments. I will try the soaking method and hopefully the ACV works for me. *fingers crossed*

  21. I’ve had recurring infections for the last year and a half. Now that in pregnant I wanted to try something more natural. I’ve been drinking ACV in my water every morning and after about a week the itchiness was completely gone. I stopped when the itchiness went away and I ran out of ACV and within a few days the itchiness came back. I went back to doing the 1-2 T in my water and haven’t had any issues since. I don’t want to stop in case it comes back, but I’ve heard ACC is also good for recurring headaches, so I think I’ll keep going!

    1. Hi Lavaniya,
      I can attest to the headaches. I’ve suffered from migraines since I was 10 years old going on 30 now. Have been on many different med but to no avail. Just temporary relief and no dr. Can tell me why I am having them. My family has recently started going all natural on as many things as possible i.e. non go foods, no meds, non fluoride water and toothpaste, to name a few. Braggs ACV was one of the more recent adds to our routine and completely got rid of my headaches. I take it 3 times a day 2 tbsp with 6-8 Oz of water, and an extra dose if I feel one coming on. I went one day recently without my daily doses and extreme migraine set in. So I am a firm believer because as soon as I started again headaches gone! I used to suffer from yeast infections almost monthly, but for the past 2 years haven’t had any since I stopped taking all meds and no vaccines. Then out of the blue got a really bad dry cough and after no home remedies working I gave into some antibiotics, a big no no. Now I have my 1st yeast infection in years! I did some digging and found this page and have started trying the topical application and it has given tremendous relief! I will continue the regime to get rid of it. Best wishes to all! ACV also works on bruises and it helps keep down acne also.

  22. Hi I have had a yeast infection for a couple days and I just want to know would acv would help it if I douche with it?

  23. For the first time use it it seen to work good the itching stop and the irritation some what maybe I just got to give it time first using it.

  24. I’m a type 1 dibetic and I have suffered so bad the past 2 months. Found out I can’t drink any artificial sweeteners they cause me to get it right back. Also antibiotics, it’s been really horrible no sooner than it stops it’s right back! Oh my am I ever miserable. First thing in the morning I will go buy some ACV and try it all , drinking it, cotton balls, even the tampon, wish I could also do the baths but I don’t have a tub for another month. Fingers crossed and praying this works!!

  25. i have a yeast infection not itching but i have the clump like discharge can i do both cotton ball soaks and also the glass of apple cider vinegar water for my healing and it is also odorless. need ans asap

  26. Can I use ACV to prevent vaginal infection? I have vaginal infection every single month. I’m tired of discharge , vaginal creams , antibiotics…….. . How can I use ACV for prevention??

    1. Yes, it can. Try any method mentioned in the article as per your convenience. Apart from that follow these prevention tips.

      – Avoid using soaps which contain alcohol and other harmful chemicals.
      – Strengthen your immune system by eating a well balanced diet.
      – Avoid extremely hot baths, deodorant tampons, bubble bath solution and feminine sprays.
      – Drink plenty of water to flush off the toxins from the body.
      – Exercise daily to strengthen your body and reduce stress.

  27. Found myself with a yeast infection after having sex then coming on my period. I douche with regular tap water and acv, then did a tampon the same way. I let 2 days pass. The iching came back and i felt dry and sore. So last nite i soaked a cotton ball in acv without dilluting it. Held it inside my vagina for about 5mins took it out bc the burning was so severe. Then tried a cloth with acv the same way. I held that in for 20mins. Dried off and then went to sleep. Woke up this morning and the vagina looked healthy. I then drank acv (2 tablespoons) to 1 litter of cold ice water on an empty stomach. When i got home i felt very wet so i checked myself. I found alot of discharge…creamy yellow/white ish discharge with a smell. Wondering should i apply another cloth.of acv? Kinda feel like i may also have bacteria vaginois now. Or is this normal?

    1. Combine 2 quarts of warm distilled water and 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can douche with this solution. Repeat 1 – 2 times daily until you see the results.

  28. hi! i tried soaking my vagina with ACV and it really burned but i kept it there. than i realized some parts were bleeding. what does that mean?

    1. Yeast infection can damage vagina skin leading it to crack and bleed. So please consult your doctor immediately to understand the level of yeast infection. Avoid using apple cider vinegar as it should not be applied on cracks.

    1. Mix 1- 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water. Stir well and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the solution the affected area and leave it to dry. Spray the solution 3 – 4 times a day.

  29. I did the soak and now my vaginal opening is swollen, should I just wait a couple days and see if it goes down or

    1. Wait for another 2 days and check if you have any positive result. Sometimes, it is just a way of healing. Even after 2 days you didn’t see any positive result then stop using apple cider vinegar. Try other remedies mentioned in this article – or consult a doctor.

    1. It can cause unbearable burning sensation so it is advised not to apply undiluted apple cider vinegar on cracked skin.

  30. I drink ACV once a day to prevent vaginal yeast and I get nervous and have a headache.
    I wonder if I could douche instead of drinking ACV. how often should I douche for prevention?

  31. When you soak it must you mix it with water or just apply cider cuz even me am suffering from it and i’ve bn with doctors but nothing works out for me

    1. You have dilute apple cider vinegar with water before soaking. Undiluted apple cider vinegar can cause burning sensation.

  32. Thank you so much for posting this! I used to suffer from yeast infection in my 20s multiple times a year. I just got one last week and this was the first time i wanted to try something other than a prescription. I did the acv bath first. It gave some relief, but the next morning i did the cotton ball. It does burn slightly, but the relief was so much better. I also used coconut oil as a cream in between the acv cotton ball which i did 3 x a day for 2 days. Woke up day 4 and its gone. Feel normal again !! Thank you again for this remedy!

  33. Thanks for all the replies. Can I douch everyday when bathing. Because after using the ACV for douching. I feel myself so clean and I want to continue with just water every time I bath. Is it advisable.

    1. You can douch until the yeast infection is cleared. We recommend using it after the yeast infection is cleared. Pregnant ladies are not recommended douching as it can create complications in pregnancy. If you are planning for kids then you should avoid douching as it can act as a contraceptive.

  34. “It may sting a little but don’t worry” stinging/pain Is the language your body uses to tell you something is wrong and most likely your vagina will be red and burning when you let it soak up a super corrosive acid, you will need to dilute it way more than just 50/50 and 15 minute intervals are way too long

  35. Hi, I’m the one who asked about making a vaginal spray with the acv. I also wanted to know could I add garlic and tea tree essential oils to it and if so how many drops would you advise? Thanks

  36. Been having vagina discharge and itching episodes ever since i went for HSG in January,have had several courses of antibiotics, all to no avail, even dear husband complained of itching sensation too. Been brewing my own home made natural organic ACV since July. Harvested it just last Sunday (25th Sep). Our regimen has been: soaked cotton balls in ACV inserted inside the vagina(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu). Diluting ACV with water, kombucha and honey, and drink morning on an empty stomach and night before bed. Observation: great burn (though I must confess, did not dilute the one I inserted!), increased itching and discharge on Tue, Wed & Thu(peak on wed). Today Friday never had any symptoms whatsoever, even though we made love this morning – an activity that has become a nightmare for us since the onset of this problem, at the end of which we would be itching so badly with the yellowish discharge spattered everywhere & on everybody; but this morning, it was not so, the only spill was his semen- clear & odourless. Thanks to God for His creation! Sorry for my irritable words & for my lengthy submission. Go ahead & give it a trial, I wish you success.

    1. yeast can thrive on sugars so it is better to avoid honey. For effective results, just mix acv into a glass of water and drink it.

  37. I have been suffering with chronic yeast infections for years. The Monistat 1 3 7 never works. The terconazole cream sometimes works after 14 days of treatment. I tried oral and vaginal probiotics by themselves and have not had success. I have had a yeast infection for 4 days now and am using the terconazole cream again when I decided to contact my doctor and ask him if it was okay to do an apple cider vinegar douche. He said to discontinue the cream and do the acv douche for 2 days inserting a probiotic after each time. And then probiotics orally and vaginally as a paste for two weeks thereafter. Tonight I tried my first apple cider vinegar douche and I have immediate relief after 10 minutes. The itching and the burning from the yeast infection is almost gone. I feel 65% better. I am going to begin taking the apple cider vinegar orally as well. Few.

  38. what can I do? I soaked in cotton ball in undiluted acv. it burnt so badly. should I just leave it to heal up itself or what do I apply on it. thanks

  39. It’s my first time having a yeast infection. And I’m kinda ? sure it is yeast infection. The itching, swollen, and the discharge – It’s like cheese. I really hope ACV would help me cuz it’s really uncomfortable down there and It’s super itchy! I can barely move. Hoping and praying it’ll work. Going to the doctor is too pricey. So I’ll try this one first.

  40. I not sure bout the use off apple cider vinegre but it sounds promising. I only experiense was after i try doctors cream and it not worked i try a thrush remedie with coconut oil olive oil and manuka oil east variety. I got this via mail order and it was better than i first ever thought possible. Will use if thrush come back and if it does not work i will try the cidre vinegar.

  41. I’m currently taking antibiotics and I have a yeast infection – it’s the most horrible feeling ever. I can’t stop taking the antibiotics until they’re gone. So, I had this huge dilemma on how/when I should treat my yeast infection. I then stumbled upon this natural remedy site and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know you could use ACV inside the body, as a douche. It made a little sense to me to rub it around, but I figured it would burn (which it does, lol). Honestly, after the fiery pits of hell that is the douche stopped burning the inside of my vagina, I felt magnificent – the itch was gone, the gooey tissue was a little less gooey, and I didn’t smell like I a fishy, moldy loaf of bread. So I have high hopes for this daily routine and hopefully it’ll cure it once the antibiotics are gone. Because we shouldn’t have to pay 20$ on a tiny blob that makes us less murderous – those should be free. So thank you home remedies for life. It’s good to know someone has my vagina covered. Good luck out there ladies.

  42. My first yeast infection was last year and it was so horrible. It had cleared up on its own, took about 2 weeks. Than it came back 5 months later and now it won’t stop. I currently have one now and it won’t go away its been almost 2 weeks and i went to the doctors 3 times and no luck. I don’t have no type of disease they checked but they don’t understand why is my yeast infection so severe. Will this cure it for good please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Usually, good bacteria helps to control the yeast. Lack of good bacteria can lead to the growth of yeast infection. Probiotics help to re-colonize the good bacteria in the vagina which helps to treat and prevent yeast infection. Use apple cider vinegar topical application for getting relief from itching, discharge and other discomforts caused by yeast infection. In order to treat it from inside, increase probiotics content in your diet. Natural sources of probiotics include yogurt, kefir and others. You can also take probiotics in supplement form. Here are our favorite picks –

  43. hello pliz help..l too have been suffering from yeast infections ..l want to know whether acv really works

  44. Start ACV douching today but I’m just curious on how long it takes to cure a yeast infection.

    1. It is difficult to tell the exact time frame as everyone’s condition is different. Some people observe relief after first application and some people observe improvement after few applications. We recommend trying the method regularly until the infection clears.

  45. Im happy with acv lhave varicose veins,they were so painful and annoying,l started to drink acv and also applying on my leg and tie with a cloth,its been a weekbut already the pain is better and veins are not visible….so lm happy

  46. I notice I had and onset the day before yesterday. And yesterday I tried it for the first time. I drunk it three times, douche in the afternoon and right before bed. So this morning i repeated the douching and washing process and by this afternoon I already see a change. The discharge isn’t as thick as it was yesterday and I dont itch or burn. I only had a slight itch anyway. So I credit that this really works. I tried vinegar before with the white house brand and it didnt do anything but made it worse. The natural stuff works

  47. Well I have use avc as hair care products for about 10 years now. However I was searching for natural solutions to my sudden heavy flow of discharge of yeast 🙁 I must say I am thankful for AVC , I soak for 1hr I only added peppermint & eucalyptus essential oil to the bath about 5 drops each , that’s because they help with inflammation and open the skin. Now after the soak about 2hrs later I feel clean and refreshing discharge free , also I use the organic coconut oil by nutiva, I only use it on my fingers ring and middle ans insert them inside of Virgin walls!! But my flowers my garden feels so fresh and there’s no smell or leaking!!!

  48. I was wondering, if I could add an 8-strain 100 billion probiotic to the ACV douche? Would it work?

  49. I am pregnant and due to give birth any day now. I don’t want to use otc drugs because of fear for my baby during delivery. I know I can’t douche or use tampons so I’m bathing and using a peri bottle filled with acv. How often can I spray my area with the peri bottle since I don’t have many other options. FYI I tried your yogurt remedy first and that’s when this issue spun out of control. I had just a minor itch that I wasn’t bothered by but my midwife urged me to treat. I did so with plain unsweetened yogurt and had a swollen itchy vulva by the next day. It spread into my vagina and throughout my vaginal area. So onto acv. It has given me some relief already but I’m afraid it isn’t enough. I’m having a homebirth so drugs won’t be available if baby gets thrush and so I need to cure this immediately.

  50. I did the tampon method tonight before reading the entire article.
    My husband and I have been trying to get preganant and now I’m scared that I might be preganant and the article says not to use the tampon method if preganant.
    Is it really bad that I did it ? What are the risks? What could happen?? Please help !!

  51. Hey all,

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 months. Ecee since then, I’ve gotten bv and chronic yeast infections. The doctors prescribed me anti biotics but they never fully work or tend to make my symptoms worse ( not to mention that becoming sterile is one of the side effects! Kind of the opposite we were going for). Its hard to keep “cuddle” time with my husband because I’m embarrassed and I don’t want to make it worse. Any advice?!

    1. Follow the routine mentioned in the article for 1 – 2 weeks at least to notice the improvement. Apart from that maintain proper hygiene, avoid sugar or gluten foods, drink plenty of water, and wear cotton inners to let the vagina breathe and prevent moisture build-up.

  52. hi, I have yeast infection .can I drink ACV with hot water? me and husband have been trying to get pregnant ,can ACV affect our chances of getting pregnant? ?

    thank you

    1. Yes, you can drink ACV but preferably with lukewarm water. No, taking ACV will not affect your chances of getting pregnant.

  53. Hi! I’m not sure if what I have is vaginal yeast infection but I do have discharges (white/yellowish, and sometimes green if it becomes really hot here since it’s a tropical country) with bad smells. And I also have like warts in between my vagina and butthole. There are times that it becomes really itchy, too. Especially after my period and having sex with my partner. I’d like to ask if ACV will work on these and what is the best way to do so? And for my warts, will it help it dissolve those? Please, I need answers ASAP. Thank you.

    1. ACV can be helpful in treating warts and vaginal infection. You can try the routine mentioned above in the article. But first, we recommend to consult a gynecologist to know whether it is vaginal infection or not.

  54. Two mos. ago I saw a gynecologist for burning in my vagina area. He diagnosed me with lichen scheloris altho I had no itching. He prescribed a cream (do not remember the kind and nystatin); I got a severe yeast infection.–still no itching but I was red, blistered in my folds, too. Went back and he gave me clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream but Iit burns in my vagina, and I still feel a slight burning right under my skin–so uncomfortable. He told me on my first visit that I would have to use this cream the rest of my life (I am 75 and had not had a yeast infection in about 30 yrs. I have about decided to come off this cream. Cannot stand the burning sensation underlying my skin. My eyes have also felt itchy, and it looks like yeast under my breast. Do you think probiotics and ACV will be enough? I have been eating gluten and wheat free for a month and plan to continue a nutricious diet. I just do not want to use this steroid cream the rest of my life. Any suggestions?

  55. I wrote the above. Also, my probiotic is Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care with 50 billion CFU’s and 38 probiotic strains. It includes Lacto and Bifidos. Is this a good one?

  56. This site is very interesting, as i am being faced with the same situation (Yeast). I just started the ACV bath, if feels different on the outside, but i would love to try the douche to get rid of the discharge but don’t understand how to actually do it. Would really like some advise.

  57. Acr really works.i got yeast infection last year since 6 month non stop.its itchy,pain and if i scracth my down part,its getting swollen,i went gov clinic and private clinic,they just gave same medicine,antibiotic,cleanwash and there pill must put inside vagina,its still doesnt work,the yeast getting more and the end i google and found about acr and natural remedy,(eat banana,yogurt,skip sweet food) and make sure you wash@douching ur vagina everyday(3 times a day).i boil water and mix acr then wash my vagina.make sure do it everyday.try to stop do sex@masturbate during this process and make sure ur wipe ur vagina after go toilet.

  58. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, After taking an antibiotic to help with BV, I started to have a severe yeast infection that would not go away. I took monistat twice, and also was prescribed Diflucan by my doctor twice. Every time after treatment the yeast infection would come back. Yesterday I douched with apple cider vinegar in the morning and did a apple cider vinegar suppository (frozen small icecube of part apple cider vinegar part distilled water) at night. Today I feel so much better. I am currently looking to find out how long I should continue this process to get ride of the yeast infection so it does not come back. I have been searching for a few weeks now on a safe home remedy for this raging yeast infection that kept coming back. So far, apple cider vinegar is doing the trick!

  59. Dear Rajee,

    Thank you for your article, its very detailed and I know your recommendations work! I have been suffering from sever candida for over 5 years after my gyno prescribed 5 rounds of antibiotics. No more MDs/gynos for me – ever! I have one question which I cannot find the answer to… how to promote growth of the good bacteria in the vagina naturally. ACV/tea tree etc. kill the candida and offers the correct ph… but without large colonies of lactobacilli to produce lactic acid, candida will return. What natural prebiotics can I use? (all pharmacy products can carcinogenic ingredients), and if I use probiotic vaginal sups, how can I be sure they are alive and will survive? Im somewhat an expert on all aspects of candida now but this I cannot find the answer to. Many thanks in advance.

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