Bee Pollen for Weight Loss
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Pollen is a substance collected by bees due to its high nutritional value, full of nutrients, proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many others. It can come in granule or pellet form and appears in a yellowish to orange color. Besides for bees, it is also beneficial to humans by enhancing memory, energy and performance and also helps to lose weight.

Weight loss is defined as the decrease in the body weight, which if you are overweight, can lead to many health and beauty benefits. Bee pollen helps you reach your desired weight without strain or side effects.

Bee Pollen for Weight Loss?

Bee pollen contains many different hormones, and amino acids that help increase your metabolism, and dissolves the fat cells in the body. It helps with weight loss in various ways, for example:

  • It is an appetite suppressant that makes you feel full.Bee Pollen for Weight Loss
  • It contains amino acids that helps to increase the metabolism rate by flushing and dissolving the fat cells in the body.
  • It contains lecithin which is responsible for the pollen’s calorie burning properties. It also acts as natural energizer.
  • It lowers the calorie intake, prevents the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fat and reduces the fat deposition in the body.
  • It immediately absorbs the fat from the dietary fat.

How to Use Bee Pollen for Weight Loss:

These all are natural methods without any side effects.

Method – 1:

  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of bee pollen granules over your food or breakfast toast or cereal.
  • Eat this food regularly to reduce weight and increase immunity.

Method – 2:

  • Mix a teaspoon of bee pollen into your favorite drink.
  • Stir it well and drink regularly.
  • This works well in drinks like coffee, green tea or any energy drink.

Method – 3:

  • Mix a teaspoon of bee pollen granules, the juice of 3 freshly squeezed lemons, a little cayenne pepper, honey, and cinnamon.
  • Drink this twice a week in the place of lunch.
  • If it is too tangy try mixing the pollen into milk smoothies or protein shakes.

Method – 4:

  • Swallow a teaspoon of bee pollen granules first thing in the morning.
  • Follow it up daily till you reach the desired weight loss goal.

Method – 5:

  • Take half to one teaspoon of bee pollen powder (start with a small dosage) 20-30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Avoid taking this with hot beverages as the heat can degrade some of the healing properties.
  • Increase your bee pollen dosage up to 3 granules every 3 – 4 days till you reached a dosage up to 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon.

Method – 6:

  • Mix an egg, a cup of orange juice, a teaspoon of pollen granules and a tablespoon of honey.
  • Drink this early in the morning with an empty stomach every day.

Method – 7: (Blender Drink)

  • Take a banana, 2 prunes, a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds, 1/2 teaspoon each of lemon juice and orange juice, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of ground bee pollen.
  • Blend in a blender for a few minutes.
  • Pour this into a serving glass and drink this as a meal.
  • You can also substitute the juice for milk or add peanut butter for extra proteins.
  • Drink this regularly to shed extra pounds.

Method – 8: (Ice Cream Float)

  • Take 2 cups of fresh peaches (or any fruit of your choice), 4 cups of milk, 1/2 teaspoon almond extract, a teaspoon of bee pollen, 1/4 cup of honey and 4 cups of vanilla ice cream.
  • Add the fruit, honey and half of milk to a blender and blend it thoroughly.
  • Remove from the blender and pour in ice cream bowl.
  • Blend the remaining ingredients.
  • Pour these over the remaining ice cream and serve it by adding some fresh fruits.

Method – 9: (Pollen Popcorn)

  • Take 1/2 cup of uncooked popcorn, 1 teaspoon of bee pollen, 2 teaspoons sugar, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and 2 teaspoons of salt.
  • Heat oil in a pan before adding popcorn kernels.
  • Shake it continuously over the heat till it stops popping.
  • Remove it from the heat and grind the bee pollen into fine powder.
  • Sprinkle this pollen powder over that popcorn and add salt and sugar to taste.
  • Stir it well and enjoy.

How much Bee Pollen to take for Weight Loss?

  • If you’re taking bee pollen in the form of liquid of granule form, then the recommended dose is to start it with a quarter of teaspoon once a day and increase gradually to a full teaspoon taken 2 – 3 times per day.
  • If you’re taking in tablets or pills form, then take 2 capsules of 450 mg to 550 mg for 3 – 4 times per day.
  • Topical creams and salves that have bee pollen should be used as per the recommendations listed on packaging by consulting your doctor.

Bee Pollen Pills for Weight Loss:

There are different kinds of bee pollen weight loss pills or capsules that are instantly available in the market today, however make sure to consult your healthcare provider before taking any. Always take with water as this helps bee pollen to get absorbed into bloodstream. If you miss a dose, avoid taking a double dose the next day as this will cause health issues.


  • Many experts recommend that taking bee pollen pills that meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Always maintain a healthy diet and exercise while you’re taking bee pollen.
  • Avoid eating food high in fats and sugars.
  • Regular intake of bee pollen helps to manage the cholesterol levels within blood. This lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL).
  • Be aware that some bee pollen supplements are contaminated so choose freeze dried to receive maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Store the bee pollen in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve its nutritional values and extend its shelf life.
  • For every remedy or medicine, you have to start it with a small dose and then build it.
  • You can buy this bee pollen either in any health stores or online.
  • This pollen is also known for many of its health benefits beyond weight loss: energy enhancer, soothes the skin and protect it from allergies, has anti-inflammatory property, helps for better functioning of respiratory system, immune system booster, enhances digestive system for better digestion, perfectly treats addictions, supports cardiovascular system, aids in prostate, cures infertility problems.


Take these precautions before using bee pollen:

  • Some people are allergic to bee pollen and it can interact with other medications so consult doctor before taking.
  • Side effects can include breathing problems, headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, swelling, nausea, skin allergies, hives, wheezing, couching, asthma reactions and in some severe cases it cause anaphylactic shock also.
  • Some researchers say that there is no scientific data that links the weight loss to the ingestion of bee pollen and its supplements. This weight loss is claimed first by the bee pollen supplements marketing companies, rather than from any independent research groups.

We are always happy to know your experiences about bee pollen for weight loss. Check out this post to get more information on other effective natural home remedies for weight loss that will make your body slim and fit.

  1. Hi dear sir I am taking exercise regularly can I take bee pollen instead of all day meal. I want to reduce my extra weight.

    1. No, don’t replace your all day meal with bee pollen. Instead include them in your daily meal. For example: add them to fruit/vegetable juices, cereals or toast.

    2. Hello iv just had a Kidney tranplant 9 months ago .im gaining my belly so i want to lose my belly fat can i take bee pollen???

    1. Bee pollen can interact with birth control, warfarin, herbal supplements and few over the counter medications. We recommend consulting a doctor before taking them.

  2. Yes and I think that bee pollen has same properties as date palm pollen, especially on fertility problems

  3. Do you mix more water with the bee pollen drink? It seems like the mixture will be too thick to pour with just 1/2 teaspoon of both lemon and orange juice.

  4. Hello there! this is the first I have heard of bee pollen can you tell me is there a cut off age to use bee pollen for weight loss?

  5. Can Bee Pollen be taken with Camel Milk on Empty Stomach early in the Morning? If so How Much Dosage?

  6. If I start taking bee pollen which one is the most recommended for weight loss powder or ;pills, Is there a diet plan that I need to follow, currently I am doing mostly low carbs reducing breads and pasta

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