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“Drink more water, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day” —is one of the most common health advice we come across. And it’s completely justified – after all, water comprises 60% of the human body. Therefore, to ensure the smooth functioning of our bodies, along with healthy, nutritious food, we also need to give our body what it requires the most – water!

The common question regarding drinking water is – how much water should I drink every day? Well, the ideal quantity is around 4 liters daily – but again, everybody has different requirements, and some people may require more than this quantified value. Now that we’re clear about the daily recommended quantity of water intake let’s run you through how water can help improve the functioning of your body:

Helps Maintain Fluid Content in the Body

Our bodies require water for all key functions – digestion, excretion, absorption of nutrients, blood circulation, creation of saliva and a lot more. Water also helps maintain a favorable temperature in our bodies. Considering how important water is for our bodily functions, our brain immediately sends us indications so we hydrate ourselves immediately. However, most of the time, we end up ignoring the thirst, resulting in us getting dehydrated. This, in turn, impacts all the main functions in the body. Hence, when we feel thirsty, we should quench it with water or fresh fruit juices.

Boosts Skin Health

When we don’t drink enough water, our body uses the available water to keep its main functions going. As a result, the other parts of the body, such as the skin, get neglected. This also explains why when we are dehydrated, our skin looks dull, dry, and stretched. Drinking water can help maintain the moisture and glow of the skin, as the water in our skin works as a protective barrier to prevent the loss of excess fluid. Hydration also prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin. This also explains why drinking water is essential in every beauty regime.

Maintains Health of the Kidneys

Our kidneys constantly work to help our bodies get rid of toxins and waste. But will our kidneys function well if we don’t drink enough water? Probably not. Water is the key element that keeps our kidneys going. The concentration, color, and odor of our urine are good enough indicators of whether our bodies are getting enough water or not. When we drink ample water, our urine is of the right concentration and is odor free as well. Water intake needs to be on point, especially in hot and humid climates, where the water loss from our bodies is a lot more than as in colder weather. Less water consumption has also been attributed to kidney stones.

Ensures a Healthy Bowel Movement

Due to the food and artificial drinks we consume, constipation has become one of the most common ailments worldwide. To ensure proper bowel movements, we also need to drink enough water along with fibrous foods. Water helps to keep things moving in the digestive tract, thus preventing constipation or, for that matter, any other digestive ailments. When we don’t drink enough water, our colon (excretion tract) pulls the water it requires from the stools itself – and that explains why we struggle to have a healthy bowel movement. Water helps bulk up fiber, ensuring a smooth passage of stools every day.

Summing Up

We have ample reasons why we need to drink water – but water is not the only source of hydration for our bodies. We can also consume fruits and veggies that are high in water content. Fruits such as watermelons and veggies such as cucumbers are sources of not just water but fiber too. It’s best to carry a bottle of water everywhere you go – whether it’s to the gym, college, or your workplace so that you have access to water on the go, keeping you hydrated all day long.

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