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Are you following the GM Diet plan? We guess you are acquainted with the fact that it is predominantly a diet full of veggies and fruits. That’s right! Except for day 1 and what we call the banana and milk day, all we get to do for the rest of the days is eat veggies! Be it in your wonder soup or in any another way you are consuming it, to curb those incessant hunger pangs, you should definitely fill the majority of your platter with the healthy veggies.

Foods You Must Avoid While Following the GM Diet Plan

Are you aware of the fact that there are some foods which you should definitely strike out of your grocery list when you are following the GM Diet plan? Okay if you don’t, here is a list you should refer to when you are off to shop for your grocery to the farmers market.

Check out the food list, which is an absolute no-no in the GM Diet Plan and click here to know more about GM Diet Plan.

White Rice

Though you can have brown rice on day 6 and Day 7, white rice should be kept in the furthest corner of your larder. Why? Because white rice is refined to the point it is stripped of all its nutrients and all it does is, it spikes your insulin levels and converts the sugar into stored fat, thus undermining your weight loss efforts, so hear us out and steer clear of white rice.

Packaged Juice

Fruit juices especially packaged juices are bad for our health, period. So, stop reaching out for fruit juices straight out of the supermarket shelf. Consuming fruit juice is as good or as bad as having a spoonful of refined white sugar. Packed with additives it has all of the ingredients which you must avoid like the plague. When you are trying to get rid of the stubborn pounds, why should you load yourself with sugar? Have the fruit with the fiber, and imbibe all the nutrients.


Avoiding processed foods should be your health mantra and margarine is steeped in hydrogenated fats, the very fats you should avoid if you want to lose weight and keep it off.  Obviously to stay healthy, skip the unhealthy hydrogenated fat and weight-loss should then be a happy by-product.


Many people are of the opinion that having a glass of hard liquor cannot sabotage your weight loss efforts. Now that’s literally hiding behind a big fat lie. Alcohol adds additional calories and that includes beer, wine, whiskey, soda, vodka, rum, gin and so on. So if you are following the GM Diet, make sure you keep your liquor cabinet closed and lose the key for those seven days.

Too Much of Oil

The GM Diet emphasizes on lightly sautéing the vegetables, instead of frying all your veggies. To avoid too much use of oil. Healthy fats, like grass-fed butter, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, clarified butter are allowed but in moderation, stay away from hydrogenated fats.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Now we are not saying that they harm our bodies. As a matter of fact, they are packed with nutrition, but you need to keep a firm check on those nutty delights. Since you will be undergoing a restricted diet, there is a tendency to reward yourself, yes so you start thinking that if you are avoiding carbs, it won’t harm you if you have a few nuts extra. That’s where you go wrong in your weight loss program. So keep a tab on them and bring them out in all their crunchy glory after the seven-day diet is over.


Now this is not rocket science, you have to avoid sugar at all costs. Many of us cannot bear to have tea or coffee without sprinkling a little bit of sugar in it. But if you keep adding to your hot cup of beverage imagine the amount of sugar you would end up consuming? Poof! There go your weight loss plans! Avoid sugar and unnecessary calories. Instead of thinking can we add just a little bit to our morning cuppas? Just avoid it for seven days and see how much better you are going to feel after this! You benefit by a huge margin, you lose weight and you get rid of an addiction which does more harm to your health than good.


A little bit of salt is not harmful, but too much of it can raise your blood pressure levels, increase your risk for heart disease and also put a serious dent on your weight loss efforts., especially common salt. Use salt but in moderation and switch to rock salt or Himalayan pink salt instead.


So, here is a list of foods which you must definitely avoid. A little bit of planning goes a long way in making your diet a huge success. Make sure you do your grocery shopping early and stock up for those seven days. Healthy food should be handy, only then would you be able to stick to a healthy diet. Stock up your fridge with the right foods and that’s the best way to keep unhealthy cravings at bay. You know what to eat, but do you know what not to eat in the GM Diet plan. Well, now you know.

Exclude the above-mentioned foods in the list and you will soon work your way to a slimmer and fitter you, after all dropping those extra pounds in seven days is no joke. Sticking to this diet plan can jumpstart your weight loss regime. While most diet plans do not live up to their tall claims, the GM diet plan has boasted of a long list of success stories. Here is your chance to be one of them. Work hard, eat right, show some resolve and you will soon reach your goal weight. What’s stopping you from following this diet? Nothing right? Here’s wishing you loads of luck on your weight loss journey.

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