10 Natural Home Remedies for Flu

10 Natural Home Remedies for FluThe flu season begins in the fall and usually peaks from August to November but these flu remedies are doctor recommended to get you on the mend fast! If you do end up catching a cold you can expect to be down and out for a little while, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable!

Try some of these doctor-approved cold and flu home remedies to help you feel better fast and get you back on your feet. If you are really feeling under the weather you can get a loved one to help, just remember to ask nicely! If you are the lucky person who is caring for your loved one, try and keep him or her at home and do what you can to make them comfortable (see infographic). Be sure they drink enough fluids and get a little to eat from time to time to keep up strength.


10 Powerful Doctor Approved Flu Remedies To Help Loved Ones
Doctor Approved Flu Remedies


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Doctor Approved Flu Remedies for Loved Ones:



The flu dehydrates us. Doctors suggest that drinking plenty of water and liquids improves the immune system and flushes out the infection. Keeping enough fluids in your body lets blood circulate more freely, which allows the flu to get flushed out of the system as cold-fighting white blood cells position themselves to fight off infection.


Vitamin D:

Sunshine is a great source of natural warmth and vitamin D, sunshine boosts the fighting capacity of the body, drives away the sick feeling and rejuvenates the body. In the start of fall we start to see more of a drop in natural sunshine, it is well known that there is a seasonality to influenza and that it correlates well with the seasonal drop in vitamin D. If you can’t get it from the sun, be sure to find a good vitamin D supplement (1000 UI).



Rich in organic sulfur (an antimicrobial), try including garlic in your diet if you feel a cold coming on. According to doctors, raw garlic not only alleviates the cold but erases any chances of new infections this is because garlic contains two natural antiviral’s called allion and allicin which makes this pungent superfood is a powerful flu fighter. 


Chicken Soup:

There is nothing more comforting than a hot chicken broth. To make it tastier and more effective, sprinkle some black pepper, lemon juice and your favorite herbs like thyme and oregano. The hot soup helps break up the congestion associated with both colds and the flu. It’s the original home remedy cure for colds.



When crushed and mixed with honey, ginger has a soothing effect on the throat. You can also consume it as a tea by dicing some slices into the water along with salt and honey and simmering it for a few minutes.



Cinnamon is more than just a tasty fall season spice. With its warm nature, the spice provides relief in congestion and inflammation conditions of the respiratory system. Sprinkle some on your oatmeal or simply add it to your tea or coffee.


Vapor Steam:

A really powerful doctor approved home-remedy is to cover your head with a towel and take steam from hot water infused with herbs or your favorite vapor rub. We all have memories of our mother setting up steamers in our bedrooms when we were sick and young. The steam combined with a Vicks vapor rub can really help open up lung passage ways.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Natural and effective, apple cider vinegar works best in flu remedies when a teaspoon is taken with a glass of warm water, lemon and honey. The apple cider vinegar helps to alkalinize the body. Creating an alkaline environment helps kill bacteria and viruses.



The probiotics in yogurt kill the bad bacteria causing flu. Including it in your daily diet can do wonders, as yogurt is a cold sufferer’s best friend because it reduces the body’s inflammatory response.


Salt Water:

Simply mix a teaspoon of sea salt to warm water and gargle with it frequently to get immediate relief in throat infection. Gargling can moisten a sore throat and bring temporary relief. It’s recommended to repeat the process 4 times daily until the sore throat is alleviated.


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