10 Natural Remedies Guaranteed to stop hair loss quickly

Forty percent of men suffer from hair loss by the time they reach 35. It is devastating to see your hair thinning out or completely getting bald. Thankfully, there are remedies you can use to stop losing your hair altogether. These natural oils will stop hair loss so you don’t lose your confidence.

10 Natural Remedies Guaranteed To Stop Hair loss Quickly



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1. Lavender

Did you know that stress is one of the culprits for hair loss? The essential oil from lavender is a stress reliever so you can create a stress-free zone. Aside from that, a study has shown that lavender contributes to hair growth.

2. Rosemary

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This natural oil increases cellular metabolism thus increasing hair growth. It’s beneficial not only in hair loss treatment but in baldness prevention too.

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3. Cedarwood

Cedarwood stops hair loss by improving circulation to the scalp. The hair follicles are stimulated which prevents baldness and thinning hair.

4. Peppermint

Topical application of peppermint stimulates the scalp which boosts hair development. To use, just add 2-3 drops of the oil to your shampoo or conditioner and apply directly to your hair.

5. Horsetail Plant Oil

The essential oil contains silica which boosts scalp circulation. Massage gently into hair and leave it for 10 minutes to make your hair thicker.

6. Clary Sage

Clary Sage is rich in phytoestrogen, an ingredient which stimulates hair growth. To use it, combine it with jojoba oil and massage it into the scalp. Leave it for thirty minutes before rinsing.

7. Chamomile

Chamomile oil aids in the growth and health of hair follicles. It strengthens cellular regeneration of the scalp which may prevent baldness.

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8. Thyme

Dry scalp is one of the causes of hair loss. Thyme essential oil fights scalp dryness and improves regeneration of hair follicles.

9. Helichrysum essential oil

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These properties avoid diseases of the scalp and aid in prevention and treatment of baldness.

10. Myrtle

The oil extracted from the beautiful flowering plant Myrtle invigorates the scalp and aids in hair growth. Just like most of the oils in this list, its fragrance has calming effects which can combat stress which is a major cause of hair loss.

You can also try natural remedies to control the hair loss and encourage new hair growth. Share your experiences, suggestions, and queries in the comment section below.



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