apple cider vinegar

Lots of people head straight for the coffee when they wake in the morning. What if it was possible to greatly improve your health in a one-minute morning ritual? You can do this while you wait for your coffee to brew. Apple cider vinegar is amazing for our health.

In the meantime, the only problem is that it will likely cause you to make some weird puckered-up faces.

The tonic your body will thank you for

On the whole, Apple cider vinegar is praised by doctors and nutritionists the world over, and for good reason. This ‘tonic’ does a little of everything for the body. Maybe you are looking for a way to beautify and strengthen your hair. 

Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a natural way to fend off allergies? Some people desire a healthier digestive system. Apple cider vinegar helps in all of these areas and many more besides.

Also, because vinegar is acidic and sour, it should not be drunk without being diluted. Two teaspoons stirred into a cup of water is an ideal ratio, and drink with a straw. Why a straw? This helps prevent the acid in the drink from damaging tooth enamel. This will work best when the straw is placed far back on the tongue, to prevent contact with your bottom teeth.

There are other recipes to try too.

How apple cider vinegar is going to boost your health

The evidence of apple cider’s benefits to health has been piling up quite quickly. This orange-hued liquid is filled with amino acids, together with antiseptic, lactic, and acetic acid. In other words, apple cider vinegar is great at destroying harmful bacteria and yeasts in the gut. Additional benefits to a person’s health include…

  • Improved blood pressure regulation
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Halitosis (bad breath) reduction
  • Improved skin appearance
  • Even out blood sugar levels
  • Improved heart health
  • Produces healthy bacteria
  • Increases energy
  • A slowing of the aging process
  • Balances pH level
  • Elimination or significant mitigation of candida overgrowth
  • Helps to prevent overeating

Apple cider vinegar can even stimulate the production of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. As this is happening, your energy levels spike, and your pH level balances. People with a balanced pH level are consequently better equipped to fight off sickness.

It has been shown that apple cider vinegar can break up mucus buildup and clean out the lymphatic system. Therefore the body gets better at retaining water, as well as preventing swelling and congestion.

When making this drink you should also note that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar improves the release of iron from food. This happens during digestion. An increase in iron absorption improves the body’s ability to utilize oxygen. This in turn causes more energy to be expended, which ultimately helps with weight loss.

Why it is important to drink apple cider vinegar in the morning

On the whole, drinking this mixture in the morning helps to prevent overeating. Anyone on a weight loss journey of some kind has wanted to avoid hunger pangs in the morning and afternoon. Apple cider vinegar could be just what the doctor ordered.

Several studies have shown that the acetic acid in the drink serves to increase satiety and suppress appetite. This in turn increases the chances of attaining weight loss for those looking for it. 

A growing number of medical practitioners believe that the pectin fiber in this drink is responsible for fooling the body into thinking it is full.

The most compelling evidence seen for using apple cider vinegar lies in its ability to suppress a voracious appetite. Fermented apple juice has never looked so appealing, and for so many different reasons!

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