How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight LossIn order to lose weight quickly, people try different methods like crash diets, weight loss pills, and commercial treatments. All these ways work for short run and cause more harm than good.

When you lose weight quickly, your body will kick start few mechanisms to get back to its normal state.  However, when your body loses weight gradually, the fat cells will have enough time to adjust into their new size and don’t assert in contributing to the waistline.

Using apple cider vinegar and other great DIY home remedies also help in the same way. Despite of its efficiency, it is not a quick fix but rather a solution with controlled weight loss.

Is There Any Evidence That States The Same?

The most interesting study is published by The Bioscience, Biotechnology journal has shown impressive results in weight loss. (1 , 2)

In this study, 144 obese Japanese adults were given 1 tablespoon of ACV, 2 tablespoons of ACV or a placebo drink. Apart from that they were told to avoid alcohol and continue with their regular diet.

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People who were given placebo drink actually gained 0.9 lbs (0.4 kgs) and waist circumference was slightly increased.

So, according to the research it is proved that apple cider vinegar reduces fat storage, lose belly fat and decrease blood triglycerides.

ACV for Weight Loss

Click here to know the recipe of apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss

How Does ACV Support Weight Loss?

Apple cider vinegar supports weight loss by tapping into several physiological mechanisms. Below we have provided a detailed description of various benefits of taking ACV for weight loss.

1. Burns Fat

There are several studies which confirmed that taking apple cider vinegar has shown an increase in fat burning and decrease in fat accumulation.

“As per study, when obese participants were given daily dosage of apple cider vinegar over 12 weeks, they have observed reduction in belly fat, waist length, weight and blood triglycerides (3)”

2. Enhance Metabolism

Decreased metabolism can often lead to fat accumulation and weight gain. Many fad diets and commercial pills can often decrease your metabolism once you stop them which is the main reason for quick weight gain. The acids present in apple cider vinegar improve digestion and metabolism.

“As per a study conducted on rats, the acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar has increased AMPK enzyme. This enzyme is helpful in increasing fat burning, reduce belly fat storage and liver fat. (4)

3. Reduce Fat Storage

The beta-carotene present in apple cider vinegar helps to break down and remove the stored fat from the body.

“As per a research conducted on rats, an increase in expression of genes linked to reduction of belly fat and liver fat storage is observed. (5)

4. Makes you feel full

When ACV is consumed before meals, the pectin present in it suppresses you appetite and leaves you feel full for a longer time (6). This helps to control hunger pangs and prevent binge eating – one of the best ways to control wait gain overtime.

“In a study conducted in 2005, the participants were given varying levels of apple cider vinegar and carbohydrates in the form of white bread. The participants who had most apple cider vinegar felt fuller and more satiated than others (7)”

5. Detoxifies the Body

The fiber content in acv absorbs the toxins and improves bowel movement. So our body gets detoxified. The apple cider vinegar is also known as liver and lymphatic tonic which detoxifies, balances the pH levels and stimulates the cardiovascular stimulation, and lymphatic drainage.

6. Reduces Insulin Levels

ACV consumption controls uncontrollable sugar spikes and crashes which often occur between the meals. When your sugar levels are under control, it is easy to stick to the diet or else it can lead to sugar craving and binge eating.

As per a study conducted in Arizona on type 2 diabetes participants were given apple cider vinegar. The result has shown a 4% reduction in the fasting blood sugars (8). Several other studies also confirm the same (9).

7. Contains Beneficial Probiotics

80% of immune system is supported by a healthy gut. Our gut contains good and bad bacteria, when this balance is disturbed it can show a direct effect on our immune system. Improving gut health reduces the inflammation and prevents obesity. ACV is one of the best probiotics which contains many good bacterial strains.

“As per the study published by Journal of Clinical Investigation, probiotic bacteria can be helpful in weight loss and preventing obesity. Several other studies have also confirmed the same. (10 , 11)

8. Improves Better Sleep

Apple cider vinegar when combined with some honey becomes an excellent remedy for insomnia. Lack of good sleep often increases ghrelin – a hormone which is responsible for stimulating hunger pangs. Apple cider vinegar tricks our brain for a better sleep which regulates hunger and stress hormones.

“In several studies, such as the one published in International Journal of Obesity, people with stress and poor sleep less likely to achieve weight loss goals (12, 13)

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

Here is a quick ACV recipe you can prepare easily. This improves digestion and makes you feel satiated which helps in eating less calories and prevents binge eating.

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Recipe:

  • Add 2 – 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water. Add more water if the concoction is strong for you.
  • Stir well and drink it.
  • Alternatively, you can add it to fruit/vegetable juice or tea (make sure it is not too hot).
  • You have to drink it 2 – 3 times in a day before meals.
  • Rinse your mouth with water and baking soda, which helps to counteract the acidity in the mouth and protect your teeth.

Note: The recommended consumption of apple cider vinegar is 2 tablespoons per day. Excess consumption than recommended can lead to burning sensation and other discomforts.

When to take it?

The best time to drink acv for weight loss is 30 minutes before meals. Pectin present in apple cider vinegar suppresses the appetite. The acids present in it help with digestion of protein – building block for growth hormone. This hormone helps in breaking down the fat cells. By increasing the acid present in stomach before having meals, it helps in digestion and increasing the growth hormone synthesis.

It is better to start slow

If you are having apple cider vinegar for first time, then it is better to start with a small dosage. Start with 1 teaspoon dosage and slowly increase it to recommended amount.

For Added Benefits and Taste

If you are not a fan of apple cider vinegar taste, then you can add various ingredients to enhance its taste and effectiveness. We have provided the list below. You can add one, two or more ingredients to make your own customized acv weight loss drink.

Honey: You can also take the drink of honey and apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Honey increases energy levels and suppresses food cravings. It eases the digestion process and boosts the metabolism to burn the fats. You can add a tablespoon to the acv drink.

Lemon: The pectin fibers present in lemon prevent hunger pangs. It helps in flushing out the toxins and enhances the functioning of vital organs. You can add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to acv drink.

Cinnamon: It cleanses the fat accumulated in the colon and digestive system. It lowers the bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels. It regulates blood sugar levels. You can add a pinch to 1/2 teaspoon to the acv drink.

Maple Syrup: If you are allergic to pollen then maple syrup can be the best alternative. It improves digestion and provides vitamins and minerals to the body. It acts as antioxidant. You can add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon to the acv drink.

Garlic: It stimulates the satiated hormone which makes you feel full for a longer period of time. It prevents binge eating and sugar carvings. It stimulates the process of burning stored fats. You can add 1 teaspoon of garlic juice or a pinch of garlic powder to the acv drink.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper improves digestion, curbs the appetite, boosts metabolism and helps in burning fats. You can add a pinch to 1 teaspoon of to acv drink.

Apple Cider and Vinegar for Weight Loss: Ginger is a natural appetite suppressant which makes you feel full a long period of time. It improves digestion and gastrointestinal motility. You can add 1 teaspoon of garlic juice or a pinch of ginger powder to the acv drink.

Note: The acidic nature of acv can damage tooth enamel. So, it is better to drink it using a straw.

Precautions to Consider While Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar is a probiotic rich food and completely safe to drink. However, a lot of people don’t know how to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss. You have to dilute it with water before drinking. Direct consumption of apple cider vinegar can lead to discomforts like stomach upset, burning sensation and burn esophagus.
  • Avoid using distilled, filtered or pasteurized apple cider vinegar. For effective results use raw, organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, and make sure it contains the Mother.
  • The acidic nature of acv can damage the tooth enamel. Use a straw for consuming apple cider vinegar drink to avoid the damage.
  • When used in excess, apple cider vinegar can contribute to hypokalemia (low potassium), which decreases bone density and contributes to osteoporosis. If you have osteoporosis, do not take apple cider vinegar.
  • If using diuretics, laxatives, or medications for diabetes or heart disease, consult your doctor to ensure that the apple cider vinegar will not interact negatively with them.
  • People suffering from gastroparesis or delayed emptying of stomach should consume apple cider vinegar with caution. Some experts concerned that the increase in acid levels can cause damage to digestive organs. So, it better to eat a nutrient dense food before adding ACV into the regimen.

Few Commonly Asked Questions Regarding ACV

1) Does ACV Interact with Medicines?

Yes, it interacts. It is better to consult doctor to know whether it interacts with your medicines or not.

2) What is the Appropriate ACV Dosage?

The right dosage varies from person to person. Generally, the acv consumption per day should not exceed more than 2 – 3 tablespoons per day.

3) Which Brand of ACV is good?

We recommend using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar which provides pure, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized ones which contain mother element and 5% of acidity.

4) Can pregnant people drink ACV?

There are no specific proofs whether acv is safe to consume for pregnant and breast feeding women. We recommend consulting a doctor before trying it out.

5) Can We take ACV Pills for Weight Loss?

If you don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar then you can take acv in tablets form. For proper dosage as per your medical history, consult a doctor.

How to Speed Up ACV Weight Loss Regimen?

Here are few general tips and precautions you have to consider while following weight loss regimen for positive results. These tips help to lose weight healthily without any side effects.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins.
  • Exercise regularly or at least 5 days in a week. If you don’t have time then at least walk for 20 – 30 minutes in a day.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium as it reduces stress levels and blood pressure. Foods rich in potassium are banana, sweet potatoes, spinach and avocado.
  • Reduce sugar consumption. Stay away from refined sugars. It is better to use stevia or honey instead of them.
  • Avoid unhealthy, processed, refined, deep fried, fatty and junk foods.
  • Consume nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

What to Expect When Taking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Remember that you will not get overnight results by using apple cider vinegar. You will observe the changes gradually. Don’t be impatient and stop following it. The slowly you shrink those pounds the less likely they are going to return.

The time it takes to get the results also depends on the factors like nutrition, stress levels, genetic factors, physical exercise and others. So, for best results you need to combine ACV consumption with other healthy lifestyle changes.

Other Ways of Adding Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet:

Apart from consuming acv drink, you can also add apple cider vinegar to your salads. It not only improves the taste but also helps the body digest properly to absorb all the nutrients. Let’s have a look at the preparation of various vinaigrette or dressings for salads using acv. Here is how to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss in your diet:

Recipe 1: Basic ACV Salad Dressing

In a bowl, add 1/2 cup each of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, 2 garlic cloves (finely chopped), 2 – 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, salt and pepper as per taste.

Whisk the ingredients well and drizzle enough amounts over your salad.

Recipe 2: Garden Herb Dressing

Combine 1/4 cup fresh chopped herbs (basil, oregano or any other), 1/2 cup each of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, and 2 – 3 tablespoons of raw honey, salt and pepper as per taste.

Mix the ingredients well and add enough amounts of it on the salad.

Recipe 3: Ginger Sesame Dressing with ACV

In a bowl, combine 1 – 2 tablespoons of grated ginger, 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped), 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds, 1/4 cup sesame oil, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

Mix well and add enough amounts of it to your salad.

You can also use it for pickling vegetables and for more such recipes you can read them here –

Was this article helpful for you? Do you have any suggestions about the article? Then share it with us in the comments section below.

    1. Hi koketso maginya, you find ACV in any super market, if not try at any online store like Amazon or Walmart.

      1. The acv..that I’m using has the mother in it I drink it in the mourning and I also do it before each meal and I’ve noticed I dot eat like I did and when I do ear a meal after I’m done I’m so full but yet I feel like I’m smaller but yet when I weigh myself no results can you maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong

        1. ACV boosts your weight loss regimen. Just drinking ACV regularly doesn’t show any positive results. Apart from ACV methods, you have to exercise regularly and eat nutrition rich food. Avoid unhealthy foods. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

        2. I exercise 5 days a week for 15 years now, I don’t follow any diet programs, I eat anything I crave for at anytime during day or night but very small portions that’s why I always had some fat in my system. Past 1 month i started using ACV mixing with 1 lemon and mineral water in 1 normal size water glass and drink it first thing in morning when I wake up and I stopped all my workout supplements, I only kept protein I use Isopure which has “0” carbs and I drink it twice a day as snake 1 scoop with water between breakfast and lunch and another one between lunch and dinner, protein is very essential for any human body even for animals.
          I started to see huge difference on my body I start to see my muscle definitions, my jeans are little loose on me and dropped some weight as well .
          It will work but you must stop consuming any kind of auger and sweetener, bread and salt .
          Be careful even fruits have sugar it’ called fructose its natural sugar eating to many fruits can make you gain enormous weight . Cut the alcohols and parties give your body 7 to 8 hours night time sleep , daytime sleep is not the same as nighttime . Do not approach to any kind of colorful drinks they are all harmful (soda and juices ) only drink water, tea, black coffee and mineral water.
          Do this you will never be moody, tempered, bad attitude, tired, sick…instead you will be very energetic, healthy, happy, sleeping better, never feel tired during day , work better and many other good things probably better sex too 🙂

        3. Hi my name is Lisa I been doing it for 3mos I lost 8 pounds I watch what I eat with no exercise I take it once a day two table spoon with honey and non sweetin black tea or with cinnamon tea give it time you will see the difference

      2. Hey guys anyone here hv tried ACV with given combination and have got desirable result without diet and exercise
        Plz share ur detais

    2. Most grocery stores carries it, Wal Mart. Not familiar with your area so this should help if you haven’t found it yet. You can also find it online.

    3. Try Clicks/Dischem. I also foubd an unfiltered one at Pick n Pay hyper Northgate mall so check at supermarkets. I have been using it with honey for acid reflux and it works wonders

  1. I am over 80 years old. Are there any negative effects from Apple Cider Vinegar? How does it interact with medicines like Crestor, Flomax or Singulair? Thanks

    1. Hi Arnold Tolkin, apple cider vinegar interacts with medicines so it is better to consult your physician before using it.

    1. Hi nombuicelo, it is available in most of the supermarkets, yet if you are able to find it then you can in any online store like Amazon or Walmart.

          1. Yes, you can if it is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains mother element in it.

    2. Nombuicelo, you can find ACV at Checkers, Shoprite, Spar or any other supermarket. Go look at the rack where vinegar is kept. South Africa’s Safari ACV will work well.

    1. Yes you can consume apple cider vinegar with honey 30 minutes before dinner or 2 hours after your meals.

  2. Thanks for your web site”s great information. I find it almost unbearable to drink the vinegar so I developed the following method to make palatable:
    1- Measure 1 oz. lemon juice into glass with 3 oz. water and 1 packet “stevia.

    2-Measure 1 oz. apple vinegar.

    3-“shoot” the vinegar and IMMEDIATELY “chase” it with the lemon water.

    Drink lemon water immediately but slowly washing the vinegar taste from your mouth before it sets up camp. It works!!

    1. Hi Madhu, Follow a nutritional diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried, junk and oily foods. Consume 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals.

    1. Hi Kashif, There is no specific time limit to reduce weight. Apart from apple cider vinegar and cinnamon it is recommended to follow healthy diet and exercise daily to see better results. Apple cider vinegar cleanses your digestive system, so it will discourage fat storage.

    1. Though there is no study that confirms the negative or positive results of ACV during pregnancy, it is better to avoid the unpasteurized ones. It is advisable to consult your gynecologist before trying ACV during pregnancy or preconception.

  3. I’m going to start taking ACV shots at least twice a day! I can’t wait for the weight loss and health benefits to kick in!

  4. Is it ok to make these apple cider vinegar recipes up a day or two in advance or are they better freshly made?

    1. Hi ZHERYLLE, you should strictly avoid consuming unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Pasteurization kills harmful bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium. Apples used in making vinegar can easily get contaminated with these harmful bacteria. So only pasteurizes apple cider vinegar is advisable. You can incorporate a very small amount into your regular cooking and this doesn’t cause any harm to you and your baby.

  5. I take Thyronorm 75mcg every morning. I want to start using Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey and warm water to assist in weight loss. I’m told just as i take my thyroid meds on empty stomach the apple cider-honey drink is also to be taken on an empty stomach. What i am confused about is, if i take my thyroid medicine first thing in the morning and then wait an hour and take the apple cider/honey drink will that be considered as empty stomach? And will the cider-honey drink help? I am already into exercising and walking but i would like to drink the cider-honey concoction to get a little extra help to loose weight.

    1. Hi Kainaaz, Apple cider vinegar can interact with medicines. So it is better to consult your doctor before you start taking it.

    2. This is a wonderful question as I take levotyroxine 127mcg. Please can you let me know if your doctor ok you to drink the apple cider vinegar?

    1. Hi Berta Graaff, yes you can. Just add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your black ice tea.

      Yet, it is better to substitute black ice tea with green tea. Green tea also helps in weight loss.

        1. If ACV is added to milk, it can curdle. So, it is better to drink with plain water or any fruit juice.

  6. I just started the organic ACV + Raw Honey + Cinnamon with warm water mix today. How many times a day should I drink it? How long before I see results of weight loss?

    1. Drink 2 times a day. Apart from this, you have to eat healthy and nutritional diet, avoid fatty foods and exercise regularly.

  7. It does really works i’ve been using ACV for a week and now i have lost weight slowly..
    2 tsp of ACV to a glass of warm water with honey first thing in the morning and take 1 tsp ACV before bed..I also walk 5 days a week 30mins to 1 hour… it is really works..

  8. how much time it will take to lose weigh?
    I need to lose 7 kg , because my wedding in med of nov ,
    is that possible ?
    please give me your guide line .

    1. Hi Astha, it is difficult to give exact time line as everyone’s fat burning capacity is different. Apart from following the methods mentioned the article, exercise regularly and eat nutritional food.

    1. It is better to avoid apple cider vinegar. Whatever you eat or drink can easily pass into your breast milk so be careful about the food you consume.

  9. After c section delivery can I use apple vineger to lose weight?is it harmful for my baby because I feed her

  10. How long should i have to take ACV with honey, is it okay if i take it once a day every morning and is it okay to take it 1 hour before breakfast

  11. Hi. I have GERD. I have read that Apple cider vinegar turns alkaline when consumed. I would prefer to not take it on an empty stomach nevertheless. Could I take it after breakfast & before dinner? Will the effects be the same?

    1. Yes you can. But refined sugar is not a healthy option. If you cannot withhold the taste of acv, add honey instead of sugar.

  12. What is the ‘dose’ you take 3 times a day? I can’t really work it out. Do you make a batch to last the whole day, or do you actually drink a large glad with 2 tbsp ACV, 1 tbsp Organic Raw honey and 1tsp cinnamon with 8oz water 3 times per day?

    That’s a large glass to have 3 times a day and means you’d be drinking 6 tbsp a ACV a day.

    I’ve just made some up, but not sure how much of it to drink in one go.

    Thanks very much.

  13. Hi, can i drink ACV with lemon and honey in warm water and chew some garlic on empty stomach in morning. Will it be more effective,

    1. Yes, you can do it. It can be effective in weight loss, reduce food carvings and boost your immune system. But for quick results one should always exercise and eat a nutritional diet.

  14. Hi, please is this combination very effective cause i think is affecting me by tummy pain in digestion. unfiltered acv,black strap molasses and cinnamon

    1. You shouldn’t be having stomach pain. As per your description, it is not clear whether you diluted the mixture in water or not. If not please dilute in water before drinking. If the stomach pain still persists, then avoid this remedy and try other remedies for weight loss. You can find them here –

  15. I have been drinking ACV with my green tea and honey and lemon and ginger for awhile now and really enjoy it and it makes me feel great however I have just been diagnosed with osteopenia so should I stop?

    1. You can continue. But consult your doctor if you are taking any medications. As apple cider vinegar can interact with some medications.

  16. Hi sabina here.i am having a kidney issue protienurea diseas. I am taking apple cider viniger from one month and i feel good.shall i continue this for three month in y it benfical for me in weight loose

  17. Ok I have a question as I am very confused. Some websites they recommend the unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, so I went to my local GNC and bought two bottles. I bought the Bragg organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar unpasteurized with mother. Is that apple cider vinegar the right one to use?

  18. My recipe is 1/2 lemon juice, 1 tsp honey in 2 tbsp of warm water to dissolve honey, I then add 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar(with the mother). I add ice and fill a 10 oz glass and drink with a straw, to protect teeth. I do evening a couple hours before bedtime.
    **My question is will this recipe drop your potassium too low? I do take a linsinpril 10mg with 12.5 diuretic. Blood pressure is very controlled.

  19. Hi,

    Is it ok to mix 1 tbsp of ACV to iced cold fruit juice? I’ve heard warm water is more effective but im not too sure. Also, can I mix it to any brand of tea?


  20. heard 6 ounces of orange juice 2 tsp bragg vinegar and 1 tsp honey is good for diet 30 minutes before your meal

  21. I have Type I Diabetes and use an insulin pump, as well as taking Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism. I used to drink Braggs ACV in the morning (just a straight 2 tblsp. shot); however, it caused me significant stomach discomfort for about 30 minutes to 1 hour afterward. I would like to start taking it again, due to the health benefits, and I wonder if perhaps it would be better to take it diluted with honey and cinnamon at night. Please proffer any helpful advice. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Undiluted apple cider vinegar might have caused you stomach discomfort. It is always advised to drink diluted apple cider vinegar to avoid such type of discomforts. You can mix it with honey and cinnamon at night. But before starting it, consult your doctor as apple cider vinegar can interact with some medications.

  22. Last week i started taking 2tbsp.ACV with a lukewarm glass of water and a 1tsp . Of honey wuth cinnamon 2x a day before meal it is good my mix?

    1. Yes, you can follow this process. No problem. But make sure to exercise and eat a nutrition rich diet for better results.

  23. Does it need to be “organic” ACV and “raw” honey to get more effective results or can I use just plain ‘ol Walmart ACV and SueBee Honey?
    I’ve been doing this off and on for about 2 weeks. I don’t eat a lot and I definitely don’t eat 6 or even 3 meals a day. I usually have a late but small breakfast… I do high cardio EVERYDAY (burning no less than 600 calories/hr)…I have a lite snack when I return home… And then a lite dinner several hours later. I don’t see the effects of the ACV & honey. That’s why I’m wondering if it has to be “organic” ACV and “raw” honey?

    1. Yes, it has to be organic apple cider vinegar that contains mother element it and raw honey. For effective weight loss, it is equally important eat a nutritional diet on time. Never skip your breakfast. Eat 6 small meals throughout the day if you can or at least 3 times a day for sure. Eat your meals on time. Complete your dinner 3 hours before going to sleep.

    1. Consumption of undiluted apple cider vinegar can cause gastric pain. So dilute it with water before consumption. Yes, you can add apple cider vinegar to prune or any other fruit/vegetable juice. Remember that consuming more amounts of prune juice with apple cider vinegar can cause diarrhoea.

    1. Apple cider vinegar can lower potassium levels and bone density for people with diabetes. So it is better to avoid consuming apple cider vinegar. But if you want to take it, monitor your sugar levels regularly.

  24. I have mixed apple cider vinegar with my tissue oil and apply it topically on my hips, thighs and bums. can it reduce my cellulite’s and weight loss around those areas. I have only seven days now. i want to know if its safe and want to lose weight only on those specified areas

    1. Yes, it is safe and you can use this mixture to reduce the cellulite. Apart from that you have to exercise for effective weight loss.

  25. Silly questions here, do you shake the bottle to “distribute” the mother? And does it have to be organic? I have raw ACV with mother, but its not organic.

    1. Yes, it is recommended to share the bottle as it will distribute the mother present in it. You can use it but organic acv will provide better results.

  26. Thank you very much admin will definitely exercise and have started drinking a glass in the morning and a glass at night.

  27. Okay so I just found out I am pre diabetic and I went and got pure maple 100% lemon juice and apple cider and Cayenne pepper and pure cinnamon…. How do I do this diet thing? & Can I just make a mixture and refrigerate it a d do it by shots before meals?

  28. Hello,
    What is the recommended amount of ACV to consume in a day? I’ve read anywhere from 3 – 6 Tablespoons so I’m not sure what the recommended “dosage” should be.

      1. Hi! How much acv per dose? If one does 6 small meals, does one take this “Dose” before each of the six meals?

        1. Nope, take each dose 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1/2 – 1 tablespoon per dosage should be fine.

    1. No, it doesn’t. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar breaks up uric acid crystals and prevent their formation in the joints.

    1. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of organic honey into a glass of warm water. Drink this solution for effective results.

    1. Yes, you can. Avoid drinking lots of it for a longer period of time. Always dilute the acv and use a straw for drinking. In this way, you will not cause any damage with apple cider vinegar.

  29. Do you have to take apple cider vinegar before meals or can you take it on a different regimen. Also I do have beginning osteoporsis—what are the dangers

    1. Taking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning or before the meals is effective in providing the results. Consuming large amounts of apple cider vinegar for a longer period of time is said to reduce calcium levels. So it is better to consume it in very less quantities or avoid it.

    1. There are various brands with different compositions available in the market. To find out the right one as per your medical history, it is better to consult a doctor.

    1. Check the label of the bottle to see whether it is mentioned as pasteurized or unpasteurized. There are no specific proofs whether a breastfeeding women can drink acv or not. So, it is better to consult your doctor regarding this.

  30. hi can i use non organic apple cider vineger for weight loss…. it would be helpfull or only organic apple cider vineger help in weight loss plz help me n reply me

  31. Hi.admin i hve a migraine problem and for tht im haveing table daily for tht n dr suggest me to reduce weight, is it rit me to have ACP now? From head to feet left side i have a pain.

    1. ACV can interact with some medications so consult your doctor before trying it out. Apart from trying out home remedies, you have to eat nutritional food and exercise regularly to reduce the weight. To treat migraine you can try the methods mentioned in this article –

  32. I am taking medicine for PCOS compliant. Also I am taking calcium and iron tablet. Also planning for my pregnancy. Shall I take ACV? Please advise

  33. Question how many pounds will I lose in 1 month if I drink apple cider vinegar in the mornings and after going to bed.

    1. It is difficult to tell the exact amount as it depends on a person’s fat burning capacity. For effective weight loss, you have to eat a nutritional diet and exercise regularly apart from trying out acv methods.

  34. I have been taking apple cider vinegar( 2 table spn + juice of half lemon fruit + 1 table spn honey for the past one month on an empty stomach early morning.. Nothing after this for at least one hour. I have not reduced any weight ! What can be the reason and what should I do ? My weight continues to be 75 Kg.

    1. Home remedies can only boost up your weight loss regimen. It is very important to exercise regularly, reduce calorie content and include fresh fruits and vegetables rich food in your diet.

  35. hi, can acv be drank more often like when ever i drink water (hot water) i mix 2 tps of acv,does over consumption of acv is harmful. Plus wanted to know if i mix acv in hotwater is it beneficial or not.

    1. Daily limit of ACV consumption is 3 – 5 tablespoons. Over consumption of apple cider vinegar decrease the potassium and calcium levels. Instead of hot water, drink ACV with lukewarm water for effective results.

  36. If I take a shot of 1Tablespoon of ACV followed by a “chaser”, twice a day once in the morning when I wake up and once before bed. will this be effective?

  37. B
    een drinking 1 teaspoon honey, 2 teaspoons acv with 1 cup hot/warm water 3 times a day…been getting diahrea . Would any of that cause it?

    1. Sometimes, drinking more amounts of apple cider vinegar can also cause diarrhea. So, decrease the amount of ACV to 1 teaspoon and just 2 times in a day. Try this for 2 days and if you are still observing the same then stop using ACV further.

  38. Can you use the ACV with lemon and honey once a day and get the benefits? Like in the mornings before food? If so, want would be the amounts to use? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you can. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey into a glass of water. Stir well and drink it. You can gradually increase the amount of apple cider vinegar up to 3 tablespoons.

  39. I started taking Apple Cider Vinergar 300 mg. I would like to know how many a day to take and when to take them. Also are the ACV as effective as using the recipes. Thank you

    1. As we are unaware of your medical history, we cannot tell the exact dosage. We recommend to consult a doctor for proper dosage. ACV remedies provide more effective results than ACV tablets.

  40. how much weight loss is obtained in a month. and after drinking apple cider vineger when can we take tea or milk, i mean after how many hours or minutes

    1. It is difficult to tell the exact weight as it depends on the individual’s eating habits and calorie burning capacity. You can take tea or milk after 30 minutes of consuming ACV.

  41. I have been taking organic ACV ( 2 Tbls ) w/ 1 tsp raw organic honey and 1/2 of a lemon juice and 1 tsp of cinnamon ) over water and ice 8 oz glass.. I have lost 7 lbs in 1 month. I do follow WW program, but not always true to the program. So I know that the weight loss is due to the ACV. This really does work, just give it time. Follow what ever weight loss program you choose and get in some exercise andy you will win

  42. I walk everyday when I take my kids to school. Is that a part of exercising, if not what type of exercise do you consider doing? What type of foods should you eat besides fresh fruit and vegetables? What type of food should you stay away from? If you can name a few good and bad food that would help. Also, how many cap fulls of apple cider vinegar can you consume in one day? Do you know how many months or how long it will take to lose 70 pounds with apple cider vinegar?

    Thanks for all your input, and to everybody else good luck on your journey to weight loss.

    1. As per your description, we are unsure of how many miles you are walking to drop your kids so we are unable to judge it. But if you are brisk walking for at least 15 – 30 minutes in a day then it can be considered as a part of exercising for weight loss. Apart from brisk walking, do some squatting, weight lifts and cycling to burn the fat. You should stay away from oily, fatty and processed foods. The ACV dosage should not exceed more than 6 tablespoons per day. It is difficult to tell the exact time frame as everyone’s fat burning capacity is different.

    1. Apple cider vinegar can interact with some vitamin supplements, so it is better to ask a doctor to prescribe the supplements that don’t interact.

  43. I take 2 tlb spoons a day with a teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day, no water, am I receiving the same benefits, or do I need the water?

    1. It is better to dilute apple cider vinegar in water as it can sometimes hurt the esophagus and stomach lining. So, we recommend adding ACV and honey in water for consumption.

    1. ACV helps in weight loss however, drinking lot of coconut oil can increase your weight. So, we recommend eating nutrition rich diet which is less in calories, include any ACV method into your regimen and exercise regularly.

  44. A frnd of mine told me to add Apple cider vinegar to my slimming tea cos since Ave been using d slimming tea ders no changes at all…. D Apple cider vinegar I bought was d filtered one named Tropical sun premium filtered Apple cider vinegar…. My question is Wil it work for my weight-loss cos it’s a filtered ACV

    1. You may use it but filtered ACV may not provide as much effective results as unfiltered one. However, we recommend exercising and eating nutritional food if you want effective results.

  45. I bought filtered Apple cider vinegar cos I was unable to get d unfiltered one pls can I use it wit my slimming tea

  46. Hi

    Thank you for this article
    I have a little issue. I couldn’t find the brags Acv in the mall. So I got a Foodtown brand only to find out it’s diluted with water and there’s no mother on it. Does this mean it’s filtered and can I still use it pending when I get the unfiltered one

    Will it still be effective or its just not useful


    1. Mother is the main element in the ACV that contains nutritional elements and other beneficial properties. If you couldn’t find ACV with mother element then try any other remedies for weight loss. You can find more remedies in this article –

  47. Can you drink this at any time of the day, like with meals? And how many times during the day should it be consumed?

  48. Scan I drink clover honey with my acv and get the same results of losing weight and if so how much

    1. Yes, you can use clover honey and get the same results. Add 1 tablespoon of clover honey and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into glass of warm water and drink it.

  49. Hello guys … Am in Port Elizabeth

    So which store can I find Apple Cider Viniger?

    I went to Clicks, Food lovers bu I couldn’t find it … plz Help

    1. ACV can interact with some medication so we recommend consulting a doctor to find out regarding the same before trying it out.

  50. I have been drinking ACV in black tea with sugar for many months , but i have not seen drastic effect. what could be the problem ??


    1. If you want drastic results in weight reduction then you have to exercise and consume nutritional food apart from taking apple cider vinegar. ACV just helps to boost your weight loss regimen.

    1. You can try white vinegar. It contains acetic acid which may help in weight reduction. However, there is limited research to support it. Apart from vinegar consumption, exercise daily and consume nutritious food to reduce the weight.

  51. I’m just 15 y.o. but i really want to lose weight. But can i still try this?. Does it have any side effects

    1. Yes, you can try it. If you are suffering from any disease then you have to consult a doctor before trying it. If you are trying it for the first time then start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to recommended dosage. It can cause damage to tooth enamel so it is better to drink it using a straw.

    1. Please try it for another few weeks to see the improvement. Along with ACV consumption, we recommend to exercise and eat nutritious food.

  52. Was wondering if it’s alright to take ACV 1 hour after I take 50mg of Thyroxine which is for Hypothyroidism in the morning before breakfast.

    1. We would recommend talking to your doctor before taking ACV as it can interact with medications.

  53. This is the most thorough article regarding apple cider vinegar I have ever read! I read a lot! Thank you!

  54. Hii, adding lime to my acv or taking the acv alone with lukewarm purified water, which works better and faster?

    1. We recommend making it fresh every time as it provides maximum beneficial results. However, you can refrigerate it if you don’t have time but we recommend to finish it up within 3 days and make a fresh batch again.

  55. Hi I bought Acv from pick ‘n pay bt its not written the mother on it and its naturally fermented so I’m wondering if its going to work. Its a pick’n pay brand,please help because I bought 3 of them.

    1. If you observe unclear liquid then it contains mother in it. It is has filtered and clear liquid then it doesn’t contain mother in it.

  56. Hi, I just started drinking ACV today and at the same time, I’m drinking an apetite suppressant. Is it okay? And also, I am taking vitamin C and iron because I’m a call center agent. Will it be okay to drink these at the same time?

    1. Apple cider vinegar itself is an appetite suppressant so it is better to avoid the consumption of another one. Usually ACV can interact with few supplements, we recommend consulting a doctor before taking them together.

  57. how can i drink acv to 2-3 times a day if my sched. are:
    working time is 4pm-2am then i sleep 5am and woke up in 2pm
    and also i dont eat in the morning only at 5pm and then 1 am only …so how ? can you help me ? because i want to loose my belly

    1. Drink it once you wake and again before having meals. Apart from that make sure to walk for at least 15 – 20 minutes in a day.

  58. How old would I have to be to use this? My mum just started using this technique and I’m 14 and was thinking of trying it but I’m unsure if it’s safe to use.

    1. Apple cider vinegar is completely safe to consume for teenagers as well. So, don’t worry and follow the remedy regularly. Apart from that avoid junk, processed, deep fried and packaged foods. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins.

  59. I started ACV, filtered water, lemon and natural honey 2 days ago. I have already experienced results! All the bloat I was experiencing in my stomach is gone! No kidding! I follow a wfpb vegan diet, but have incorporated raw honey. With continued use, I can’t wait to see even more results! Great informative article, thank you!

  60. Yeah, a great post on how to stay healthy with the help of vinegar.

    This is the another method that helps you to lose weight.
    It also helps you to keep your body fit and also many many other parameters

    A good piece of info to understand in today’s world

    1. The time period usually depends on the person’s fat burning capacity, metabolism and other factors. For effective results, we recommend exercising regularly and eat nutritional food, apart from trying out the acv remedies.

  61. Can you take acv with cold water in morning on empty stomach and at night before bed on empty stomach

  62. Hello… from three days, before breakfast and dinner iam taking pineapple with ACV juice… its reduce weight??? After that what food i have to take for breakfast and dinner???

  63. I have purchased brag acv product in Amazon …. I m using 1tbspoon of acv with 1cup of water i had used like these …. Taking by mouth …..Pls tell me safety precautions for me wat can I do ….. And how long time I spend to reduce my LDL cholesterol …. Pls help me …. And I have a hair fall pblm too

  64. Why is it that when I put the tsp cinnamon into the boiling water then wait for it to cool to then add the cider vinegar and honey that the drink congeals and goes all slimy and separates? I have been taking it 1/2 hour before bed and have lost weight already and its only been 1 week.

  65. I have been taking ACV for d past 2 weeks nd I am seeing some improvement but since yesterday anytime I take it I feel like throwing up… Please what’s the cause and what can I do about it

  66. I have been taking ACV for d past 2 weeks nd I am seeing good results already but since yesterday anytime I take it I feel like throwing up…. What could be the cause and what can I do about it. Thanks

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