Despite billions of dollars being spent annually to make our lives easier and less stressful, anxiety is only on the rise. Instead of helping us live stress-free, smartphones and the like have made us dependent on them. We feel anxiety about losing them, leaving them at home, or running out of battery. They make us constantly aware of our work life when we’re at home and our home life when we’re at work.

And there’s the security risks that come with using them to add insult to injury. Identity theft is all too real, with all our personal info at risk of going to the nearest hacker. Facebook has just proved how little control we have left over our own privacy.

If you want to relieve anxiety without turning to pharmaceuticals, you can take the following steps, relying on making the best choices and home remedies to keep you calm.

1. Remove the Unnecessary Stressors

This is going to be the most difficult step, as it involves disconnecting from what you think is keeping the stressors at bay – technology. It’s easy to start at the broadest, most practical level. Secure your computer by using a VPN, password manager, and antivirus, all of which are reviewed for your convenience at Bestonlinereviews.

But you’re going to have to go a little further and make changes to the way you connect with technology. At first, staying away from your phone or email will only increase your anxiety. Take it slowly, gradually spending more time with your phone on airplane mode and in a different room. Once you’re only using it when you actually need to, you’ll feel a lot less anxiety with regards to it.

You’ll realise that the situations where you can’t go without it are few and far between, and you’ll no longer be carrying your biggest stressor in your pocket or handbag.

2. Use Natural Home Remedies

Natural home remedies are so perfect for anxiety because it is such a personal thing. One thing might work for one person but not for another. Sunlight might be all that your friend needs, but you could already be getting all the sunlight you need. And if you have to spend hundreds of dollars every time you try something new, or risk adverse side effects, you will struggle to find the right fix.

Some of the best home remedies for anxiety include chamomile tea, omega-3 (such as fish oil supplements), regular exercise, and a hot bath with epsom salts. There are many more available, so if one doesn’t work for you, the next well might.

3. Meditate

Meditation was not designed to cure anxiety, but it might as well have been. It is the perfect relief. The idea behind meditation is to strip feelings from the accompanying thoughts and urges. It is those thoughts and urges that causes them to spiral into intense anxious phases. Feeling sad is not a problem, but when you start thinking about what the sadness might do to you, everything you could have done to avoid it, and start trying to get away from it, it becomes a monster.

Meditation asks you to slow down, let those thoughts pass by, and experience the feeling in the moment. Once you feel it, it goes away pretty quickly. Meditation is not easy, even though it is incredibly simple, and you’ll have to put the work in. But everyone who has tried it agrees that the reward far exceeds the effort.

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