Dealing with chronic pain or migraines in your life is a tough journey. Chronic illness is unique for each person and affects nearly everything in your life; from your career to your family and personal well-being. You can take many approaches including medication, nutrition, and traditional or new home remedies for headache.

The following blogs are passionate about dealing with pain, continuously updating others on their journey, and are filled with inspiring stories and articles.

1. The Migraine Relief Center


Why you should follow: The Migraine Relief Center blog provides regular, professionally written posts, as well as suggestions for other migraine related blogs. If you are looking for reliable information and sources for information on migraines this is a great place to start!

2. Counting My Spoons

Why you should follow: Julie has been writing about her journey since 2010. She assists other chronic pain bloggers through and shares her personal stories as well as many others’ stories regularly on her blog.

3. The Migraine Chronicles

Why you should follow: Sarah includes posts regularly with a great blend of personal stories and informative articles. She is very busy writing on her personal blog as well as other migraine sites, and does a great job of summarizing hers and others’ posts.

4. The Unbroken Smile

Why you should follow: Elizabeth is very active on her blog. She writes about her chronic illness journey but also touches on many aspects of her life including nutrition, fashion, parenting, and entertainment.

5. Back Pain Blog UK

Why you should follow: Barbara is an author who has been dealing with back pain for 30 years and has been blogging since 2007. She averages DAILY updates with very helpful tips, personal stories, and well researched articles.


6. Dance In The Rain

Why you should follow: Vaneetha’s blog includes many personal stories about her life with post-polio syndrome and her relationship with God (as well as her two daughters). She includes regular, inspiring articles in her posts that will leave you eagerly awaiting her next post!

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7. Fed Up With Fatigue

Why you should follow: Donna includes semi-weekly posts in her blog including her popular “This Week’s Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, and Lyme News” series, that features up to date research on treatments, updates from other related blogs, and references other sites where Donna has written so you can keep up to speed with her writing!

8. Faith, Family, Fibro

Why you should follow: Karen writes about her journey with fibromyalgia but also writes about nearly everything else going on in her life including faith, family, and homeschooling.


9. Fibro and Fabulous

Why you should follow: Kimberley shares personal stories on her journey with fibromyalgia as well as keeps her readers up to date with recommendations on products and other remedies.


10. Confined to Success

Why you should follow: Stephan takes on a unique perspective in his blog. In addition to writing about health tips on Chronic Lyme Disease/Immunodeficiency, Stephan really hones in on the question “What are the best ways for a person with chronic pain or a disability to earn a living?” He includes many informative articles in his blog as well as additional services through his website.

11. Brainless Blogger

Why you should follow: Nikki has been dealing with fibromyalgia and migraines for at least 20 years and has the experience to be able to speak about it. Her posts are frequent, personal, and informative. She shares a regular series called “Manual Monday” that is both helpful and humorous!

12. Cranky Fibro Girl

Why you should follow: Jenny takes “laughter is the best medicine” to heart. She is funny, and injects her great sense of humor into all of her posts! She has been on the “Fibro” journey for over 12 years and shares a lot of tips on dealing with her in her blog. She is on a “hiatus” at this time but we are looking forward to when she picks her writing back up next year!

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13. Chronic Mom

Why you should follow: Shelley has been dealing with fibromyalgia since 2011 and her blog is a great source her personal story as well as great discussions regarding fibromyalgia as a “hidden” and “misunderstood” disease.


14. Being Fibro Mom

Why you should follow: Brandi has great personal stories about her struggle with fibromyalgia since 2012 and other interesting topics including family life, homeschooling, cooking, and baking.


15. My Foggy Brain

Why you should follow: She doesn’t post updates as often as other blogs, but when she does, Tamiko does a great job of updating her readers on how her life is going and lays out some inspirational thoughts that will certainly help others in similar situations.

16. February Stars

Why you should follow: Donna’s blog has expanded into a full “health, lifestyle, and travel” blog in addition to chronic pain. You can find a number of great personal stories on Donna’s travels and dealings with fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.


17. A Life Well Red

Why you should follow: Kristine’s blog can be better described as a full “Lifestyle” blog from someone who happens to have fibromyalgia. Her posts run the full gamut from “Health and Wellness” to “Money Management”.


18. Fibro Daily

Why you should follow: Fibro Daily is a blog written by a team of specialists at The team does a great job of blending technical, well researched articles with personal stories of patients and others struggling to maintain their lives while dealing with fibromyalgia.

19. Chronically Content

Why you should follow: Lisa writes regularly with personal stories that others dealing with EDS and other chronic illnesses can relate to.


20. Ribbon Rx

Why you should follow: Laura writes many helpful articles about how to deal with Endometriosis and other chronic illnesses that she is dealing with on a daily basis.

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21. Upbeat Living

Why you should follow: Kathy has been dealing with chronic illnesses for over 4 years. Her blog is filled with helpful tips on how to deal with chronic illness while traveling and life in general!


22. Treasures on the Sand

Why you should follow: Gabriel’s blog appears to be pretty new but if his first posts are any indication then his future in blogging is bright! His blog includes a blend of his dealings with Amplified Pain Syndrome, faith, and his own original fiction writing.


23. The Headache Heroine

Why you should follow: Mary is newer on the blogging scene than others on this list but has already gotten to a great start with relatable personal stories and great “resource” pages for various chronic illnesses including migraines, narcolepsy, and food allergies.

24. Still Moving Blog

Why you should follow: Anne’s posts include a great mix of personal stories and happening in her life, but they always include mention of her daily struggle with chronic pain that she has been dealing with for over 10 years.


25. But You Don’t Look Sick

Why you should follow: Christine Miserandino (i.e. “The Spoon Lady”) is one of the most influential advocates for people with chronic pain. She has been dealing with Lupus and Fibromyalgia for many years and is an important source for information on the diseases.


I found the list of blogs above very helpful in my journey to deal with chronic pain and I hope that you do as well. If I missed any helpful or interesting chronic pain blogs that you have come across please feel free to comment below. In your journey of chronic illness it is important to remember that you are not alone!

You might also want to check out another one of my interesting post on Top 8 Valuable Acupressure Points for Painful Migraines!

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