Finding great mindfulness and meditation blogs can be tough with so many options online!  I’ve narrowed down a list of the best (and most helpful!) blogs on mindfulness and meditation after countless hours searching the web.  

All of these amazing bloggers work hard to make great articles designed to help you live a happier and healthier life.  You’ll learn how to meditate and achieve an enlightened state, and to truly be present in the moment for a less stressed and more enjoyable life.

Whether you’ve been meditating and practicing mindfulness for years, or are just starting out, these websites have deep insights that will help you grow!  

Giovanni Dienstmann

Giovanni Dienstmann

Why you should follow: Giovanni has been meditating for over 17 years and estimates over 8000 hours!  He loves sharing everything he has learned to help people grow and live better.

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Karl Duffy

Why you should follow: If you can’t trust an expert with over 40 years experience in the field, who can you trust?  Karl’s expertise shows through his articles and really help you to reach new levels.  He’s even completed a 30 day silent retreat, most people feel uncomfortable with even a few hours!

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Adi Atar

Why you should follow: Adi built the “Your Life Creation” website to help you find your real passion.  The article linked below is a great read about becoming happier. You won’t be happier just because you reached a goal.. There’s always another one behind it and true happiness comes from within at any stage of life.

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Attila Orosz

Why you should follow: The Meditation for Beginners Blog features a lot of great content to help you understand meditation and get started right away.  It’s well-written and very inspirational and will help you to truly understand what meditation is and how you can meditate to improve your life.

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Bev Janisch

Why you should follow: If you are a woman looking to live a more mindful life, look no further!  Bev is a mindful living coach and helps women to find out who they are and what they truly want from life.  There are a lot of great and original articles that will keep you reading for hours.

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The Mindfulness Meditation Institute

Why you should follow: Everything in one place.  This website features tons of amazing content and resources to get you started.  The guide below dives into meditational fears and overcoming the fear of not wanting to hear your inner voice and is an excellent read.

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Stress Reduction at Work

Why you should follow: This website dives deep into life and mindfulness in and out of the workplace.  There are a lot of great articles and it’s not all about selling you products (which can be common on mindfulness websites, oddly enough!)  The article below is an especially interesting read that helps us to let go of stories that we tell ourselves that simply aren’t true or are not the core reason of our problems.

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How to Be Happy Guru – Duccio Manfredi

Why you should follow: Yep, the name pretty much says it all.  We all want to be happy and mindfulness and meditation can help us get to that point.  The about page has a great series of links that will help you become a happier person.

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Positively Mindful – Neil Morbey and Mark Dunn

Why you should follow: Excellent and in-depth writing that is thoroughly researched.  These articles will really make you think and help you to understand what mindfulness is and the best ways to become more mindful yourself.

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Daily Downward Dog – Maria

Why you should follow: Although this is a yoga blog, yoga ties together both mindfulness and meditation.  It challenges us to look deep into ourselves and find peace.  Be sure to look through the blog as there are so many great articles written from actual experience which keeps things interesting.

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Deconstructing Yourself

Why you should follow: A wealth of meditation and mindfulness articles that will teach you everything you need to get started and keep practicing.  Deep dives into the issues that affect all of us on a daily basis and how to cope with these issues.

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Real Happiness – Sharon Salzberg

Why you should follow: Not only does Sharon offer a great podcast, she also offers free courses on meditation.  Great content from someone who truly cares about helping you grow!  Be sure to check out all guest content on the “On Being” blog (link below)

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Tara Brach

Why you should follow: A true authority on everything meditation with articles published in many leading media outlets.  Be sure to check out Tara’s podcast of guided meditations.  This is a great way to get started or continue to expand your mediations.

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Simple Mindfulness – Paige Burkes

Why you should follow: Lots of inspiring and well-written articles to help you become more mindful.  Paige is in this to help people live more meaningful and happier lives.  Be sure to download her free guide to getting started!

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Embracing Simple – Christina

Why you should follow: A huge part of mindfulness is learning to simplify your life and mindset.  This blog helps you take leaps and bounds that will make your life simpler so you can appreciate every moment.

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Mindful Minutes – Melissa Eisler

Why you should follow: Melissa is a certified yoga and meditation instructor, and a professional coach.  Her real-world experience and knowledge show through in this amazing blog about finding a moment to breathe amidst the chaos of our lives. Must read.

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Why you should follow: Mindful is a blog and magazine non-profit built to help you learn how to embrace a life of mindfulness.  Lots of inspirational and educational articles.  Be sure to check out the getting started guide linked below for everything you need to embark on this journey.

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The Mindfulness Project

Why you should follow: The Mindfulness Project is a team that was put together to help share mindfulness with as many people as possible.  Look forward to a new blog post every month here and if you’re in London, check out their courses!

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The Meditation Blog

Why you should follow: Meditation insights and guide focused on Acem Meditation.  You’ll enjoy the simplistic approach on their meditation guide, a perfect place to get started on this path.

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Why you should follow: Free guided meditations all designed for different purposes + yoga and mindfulness articles.  All of this content is written beautifully with a minimalistic designed website to help you stay focused as you read.

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Everyday Mindfulness

Why you should follow: Great articles and inspiration throughout.  The Everyday Mindfulness site is built around a donation platform so you won’t be bombarded with pop-ups and ads (a mindful approach to business!)  They focus on the fact that mindfulness is free for everyone to experience.

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My Meditative Moments – Christopher Chrone MS

Why you should follow: Simply built to help you gain an understanding of your own awareness and well-being.  This blog is chock full of beautifully written articles that will help you grow in every way possible.

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Cotswold Natural Mindfulness – Ian Banyard

Why you should follow: Ian brings a great a simple approach by incorporating nature into mindfulness.  His mindfulness stems from nature and nature walks and the idea that wandering around outdoors helps us to gain deep insight into our lives and the world around us.  A truly beautiful approach to mindfulness.

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365 Grateful

Why you should follow: Hailey and Andrew Bartholomew run this brilliant blog that originally started by taking a photo every day of the little moments we often overlook in life.  This act of being present in the moment is the basic principle of mindfulness.  It’s about letting stresses go and focusing on what’s happening right now, not the future or the past.  Very inspirational to look through!

Urban Mindfulness – Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph.D.

Why you should follow: If you are living a stressed urban life and have a tough time escaping it all, definitely check this one out.  Great content and insights into becoming more mindful even when we are surrounded by stress and distractions.

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