We’ve selected these particular blogs to inform every one of the causes and symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. These blogs contain information that can engage, support, and educate readers about the publications experience.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect your joints. RA is an autoimmune disorder when your immune system mistakenly attacks your body tissues and bones. RA attacks the cartilage in your joints making it harder to partake in day to day activities. RA can be very challenging to deal with; however, these bloggers share their background on how to efficiently cope with RA.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

Kelly (O’Neill) Young found RA Warrior in 2009 after being diagnosed with RA in 2006. The site has over 850+ information articles to educate patients on how to cope with RA and carry normal life in spite of having the disease. As a patient reporter, Kelly was able to touch RA patient’s journey with her unique experience and industry knowledge.

Kelly not only helps patients to learn about their disease but also became their strong voice in the healthcare industry in the past five years. She found Rheumatoid Patient Foundation to improve the lives of people affected by RA.

Each of her publication comes from a patient-oriented research by creating and gaining strong relationships with patients and opinion leaders in the industry. She is also known as a speaker and consultant to provide unique insights into people living with RA. Visit her blog here

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All Flared Up: An Arthritis Blog

Amanda started blogging in 2009, 3 years later after diagnosed with RA. She hilariously writes about how to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her ability to connect with patients through her insightful and humorous posts makes her stand out from the other RA bloggers. Most of her posts indulge in inspiring RA patients to move forward with their life without giving up to the disease. As an active person, she continues to do activities that are challenging for people with RA by tweaking them to suit her.

Amanda co-founded IFAA (International Autoimmune Arthritis Foundation) and also manages Systematically Connected (Amanda’s blog).

She is a speaker in many publications, works as a representation of RA patients in her local community Capitol Hill and has been interviewed by RA advocacy groups.  She was also a nominee of WEGOHealth awards (nominated by Kelly of RAwarrior). Visit her blog >

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Leslie Wren Vandever (known as Wren) is a writer, graphic artist, reporter and editor for many weekly and daily newspapers and blogs.  She has been living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 30 years. Wren started her research online to understand RA and its seriousness when she was first diagnosed with it. This paved way to start RheumaBlog in hope to educate and help others to live well with RA.

Soon RheumaBlog became a success as it was providing answers to key questions the patients had, encouragement and solace to the RA affected community.  Her posts give information regarding how life is with RA and how to improve the quality of life even with this disorder. She became an inseparable part of larger RA patient community in the online space.

She still works as a freelance writer and editor, a patient advocate for people living with RA. Visit her blog >

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Carla’s Corner – A Figment of Fitness

Carla Kienast is a professional investor relations and corporate communications consultant. With decades of experience, she now runs her own consulting firm for the past 7 years.

Having been diagnosed with RA in 2008, Carla went through multiple surgeries (19 in fact) including hip, knee, and joint replacement. She was continuously taking multiple treatment plans to find the magic elixir that would give her state of remission. Her blog revolves around providing insightful information on treatments, medicines and RA related health issues. The information shared by her on her blog is very informative and inspiring for people with RA to have a life beyond RA.

She is the author of famous novel Wake Up with Fleas. She lives with her husband in Dallas, Texas. Read her blog >

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Julie Faulds (Jules) turned 50 July 2017. She lives in New Albany, Indiana. Jules was diagnosed with RA in 2006. Instead of suffering from the disease she chooses to live with it by embracing the blessings.

In her blog, she shares more about how to live with the disease from the place of gratitude. The blog posts give the readers a glimpse of her life with her family and with her RA & fibromyalgia. She is a strong advocate of positivity and suggests the readers to take on the challenges to live with RA from a positive mindset.

In addition to writing on her blog, she also participates in fundraising events and walking for causes. Read her blog>.

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From This Point Forward.

Maria is a freelance writer contributing to various healthcare blogs and a healthcare advocate speaks on various topics in life with chronic illness.

She was diagnosed with RA at a very young age of 25 while she was in graduate school. Since then, she regularly posts about arthritis and patient advocacy. She recently wrote a series known as Facing Forward, which interviews people with RA and other chronic conditions. Mariah has devoted her time to write about how to manage growth with RA and is honest about her discoveries and symptoms. She tirelessly works to improve patient’s awareness about chronic illnesses (including arthritis) and how to live life one day at a time.

Her private Facebook group Mamas Facing Forward helps to support Moms (or Moms-to-be) on handling chronic illnesses. Her passion towards Arthritis research led her to raise more than $45000 for the Arthritis Foundation since 2010.

As a mother of two young sons, she lives with her husband in Colorado. Â I personally love her inspiring quote “My name is Mariah. I have RA. It doesn’t have me.” Visit her blog >

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The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo

Cathy Kramer (Cateepoo) has been sharing her experience of living with RA since she was diagnosed with it in 2008. She started her blog to share her journey as there were very few stories of people who were doing well with RA was found online.

Through her blog, Cathy advocates that everyone should take an active role in their medical treatment. She dictates that “We know our bodies the best” therefore, the best way to engage is to communicate with the doctors. Her blog posts are centred on empowering people to follow their hearts and advocate for their own health by finding strength.

Cathy is a mom of two (Alexander and Sophia) and educator at a high school teaching adults to learn English. Visit her blog.

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Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog

Pollyanna Penguin (Anne / Polly) was diagnosed with RA in 2008. She was devastated initially but decided to put aside her problems and read about current research on RA. This blog includes many of the recent study being done on RA, which is essential for patients to have a glimpse at to stay informed.

Her three bits of advice to people with RA are 1. Keep yourself updated about everything related to RA by reading. 2. be brave enough to try new drugs (so something might actually work for you) 3. Educate your near and dear ones so you won’t feel alone and gain enough support to carry on your life the way you want it.

She lives with her husband and 3 lovely cats in a small town outside of Norwich, UK. Visit her blog >

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Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Andrew Lumpe is a college professor lives in Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington. He was formally diagnosed with RA in 2009 though he mentioned in his blog that he used to have symptoms of RA from 2004.

With his educational background in science (biology), he brings invaluable analytical insights to his RA blog. Throughout his blogs, he describes many of his medications and other treatments that he tried. Through his detailed descriptions, he underlines many of the symptoms he has had plus the necessary drugs to relieve pain.

He had around 10 surgeries in the past 10 years and shares his recovery process through his blog. The last one being done in December 2017 to replace a damaged carpometacarpal joint at the base of his thumb. We pray that he recovers soon.

Andrew also played his part as a site moderator for rheumatoidarthritis.net and as a Cure arthritis ambassador for Arthritis National Research Foundation. His article about men with arthritis was featured in Arthritis Today magazine. He also actively participates in fundraising for Arthritis National Research Foundation and volunteers on non-profit research projects. Visit his blog >

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Arthritis Ashley

Ashley Boynes-Shuck is a published author, blogger, freelance medical writer and a patient advocate for chronic illness. She covers a range of topics in Rheumatoid arthritis on her blog. Most of her blog posts revolve around what RA patients would want to know in tackling their days to day issues. She also makes sure that her blogs deal with positivity and optimism so that her readers stay hopeful.

Ashley is a well-known advocate for women’s health and received recognition for her advocacy and knowledge of RA. She has also been part of raising funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma society. She was quoted in many popular health magazines. She has a strong social followership and an author of 3 successful of books (Sick Idiot, Chronically Positive & To Exist).  Visit her blog >

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RA Adventure Rider

Terry continues to ride motorcycling embracing RA as part of the life. You must visit his site to not just know about RA, and the pain it causes but his adventures as well. The photos are probably luring to the eyes of the viewers. You will feel glad that a person affected by RA rides on a bike. In fact, nothing limited his riding abilities.

Read his blog to know how to he lives with RA and how he continues his passion for dual sport motorcycle riding. Also, get inspired not to ride a bike but at least follow your passion cheerfully. Nothing must stop your happiness. Visit his blog >

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Arthritic Chick

Neen Monty (Preferred to be called ‘Arthritic Chick‘) has been fighting RA for the past 10 years. She blogs to connect with people diagnosed with RA. Her blog posts implicate on how to think positive and do what you always loved to do by adopting the changes without stopping.

She encourages her readers to keep living in the present with realistic expectations instead of beating themselves up. Her blog posts even guide the readers to find healthy foods, working medicines and how to cope up emotionally by finding people who understand the RA illness.

She is an acclaimed patient advocate and nominee of WEGOHealth award. Visit her blog >

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It is a slightly different initiative, and this blog provides details about the RA disease and connects with several people sailing in the same boat. Many bloggers are invited to write a post, and one can get the view of various RA patients.

Also, doctors suggest a remedy to get relieved from pain. One of the best resources in the online space for RA affected patients to connect and learn from each other. Read More >

Mom’s Small Victories

Tanya was diagnosed with RA when her first son was only six weeks. She was only 27 then. She did not stop anything due to that. She pampered her first kid and also boldly delivered two more children. She feels attitude alone makes the difference and all her three children feel glad to be born to a proud mother. Her victory as a mother made her strong in spite of her pain due to the chronic illness.

Tanya’s blog is unique in a way. In her blog, she doesn’t write only about RA / chronic illness but provides valuable insights to busy moms (chronic illness patients) on how to celebrate life and prosper in their chosen career/passion.

With more than 600+ posts, the blog is a reservoir for moms suffering from RA to find a way to thrive with the illness. She even provides resources (planners, blogging guides, business advice) for moms to start on their own. Visit her blog >

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Hurt Blogger

Britt J. Johnson (aka The Hurt Blogger) is an ePatient advocate, speaker, writer and consultant working in the space of autoimmune arthritis to get the patient’s voice heard by the healthcare community. She currently works as a community outreach coordinator at Arthritis National Research Foundation.

Having lived with RA for about 20 years, Britt writes her blog posts empathizing patients in mind. Her keen interest in medical research, healthcare systems and the requirement for policy reforms makes her exceptional. Her write-ups help people to manage their pain properly and to understand necessary medications while encouraging readers to lead a normal life without giving up to the RA disease.

She’s been blogging for close to 7 years now. Visit her blog >

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My Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey

Brigid Laurito understood that she must join the painful community called the RA as she was detected with it when she was 33. She did not give up and it been seven years since RA started causing her worry. She is married for 15 years and has a beautiful teenage daughter aged 13.

She is an advocate of the Arthritis community and also a Nationally Licenced Massage Therapist. Her certification in Reiki II helps her treat people suffering from the RA pain.

Not only she contributed to people in the form of blogs but earned the recognition of the Brand Ambassador to treat arthritis for the Greater Hartford Walk from 2012. After only two years she also received a request to become part of the Arthritis Foundation Leadership Council. Visit her blog >

Katie Stew Vents About RA – Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Katie Stewart was detected with RA at the age of 23. She started the blog to explain the symptoms, the intensity of the pain and how to handle it. The RA sufferers need not feel alone as the pain is so severe that even Katie has thought about cutting her foot or hands to get away from the pain.

But she has learned ways to overcome the pain, and that is when she started posting yoga poses to stretch. She is a firm believer in Yoga as an alternative therapy for easing the pain caused by RA.

She is a new membership chair for the Arthritis Foundation Associate Board in Chicago. She regularly donates Yoga Community Service. Visit her blog >

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Angela Lundberg, RA blog: Inflamed – Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Angela Lundberg was diagnosed with RA in 1997 (at the age of 18).  Instead of crippling with the disease she determined to move on to live a meaningful & exciting life.

Angela started blogging in 2007 and became a patient advocate. Her blog reached real people who were dealing with such chronic illness. She strives to become the voice of people with RA to share the experiences. She encourages her readers to make the most out of their life in the presence of RA.

Apart from being a great blogger, she is also a photographer, teacher and freelance writer. Visit her blog >

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At The Water’s Edge

Dana Symons is a marketing professional. Her blog covers many topics including her own personal experiences with RA, healthy recipes (cooking) and faith in god and how it helps her to cope with RA.

She believes in god and relies on him to give strength to get over the pain. She started the blog and loved nature for both gave her relief from the pain. She wrote articles to let know RA sufferers the way to live a pain-free life. Also, provide them with shoulder and comfort them saying that they are not alone.

She is also one of the board of directors in Rheumatoid Patient Foundation .

She married her husband Tom and lives a happy life in West Michigan. Visit her blog >

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My RAD Life

My life with RAD is a site created by a self-confident author who started struggling with RA from the age of 28. She named it Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD).  Also, she started the site myradlife to share her views and get to hear from others as well. She invites not only patients but also medical practitioners who can explain the ways to get out of the pain.

She is writing the blog for the last five years and more. Travelling with people along with sharing the pain and consoling them. Boldly voicing out to those who suffer from RA not to get bog down by the disease. You can get inspiration to live a happy life in spite of suffering from RA. Read More >

The Seated View

Lene Andersen is a freelance writer, an author and chronic illness disability advocate. She is one of the most affected Juvenile arthritis patients you could come across in a wheelchair. She’s been using wheelchair since her teens.

She writes quality blog posts to can explain readers about RA in a transparent fashion. This comes out of her personal and professional experience (writing) with RA. She accentuates the positivity and empowerment to focus on finding joy. In addition to writing, Lene advocates for disability awareness and actively involves in many community projects.

Lene is an avid photographer and also the author of the book Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain. Visit her blog >

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Brass and Ivory: Life with Multiple Sclerosis and RA

Lisa Emrich is a blogger, musician, consultant, public speaker and freelance writer. She contributes regularly for Healthcentral’s blogs on Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis topics. Her blog posts focuses more on living with chronic disease with a personal touch. As she has both Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, she is able to provide insightful articles on life with these diseases, new medicines, current events in the health industry, insurance etc. Her writing is aimed to empower patients and educate them.

She is always eager to help fellow patients and MS bloggers. She has also served as a consultant to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation and National MS Society.

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Spring Sight – Finding Hope In The Midst Of Chronic Pain

Linda W. Perkins is a freelance writer by profession and writes about technology and business. She served on many leadership roles and as a communications consultant to different ministries and churches.

Linda is a firm believer in God’s action. She writes about God and his creation. She carefully observes nature to understand how things work.

After being diagnosed with RA in 2014, She chose to believe in hopeful future instead of despair to move on with life. In her blog (Sprint Sight), she writes to inspire people with RA who loses hope in God and struggles with pain.  Visit her blog>

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All Grown Up with JRA

Stefanie was found to have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of just 13 months. As a lifelong JRA patient, she is one of the few who has become a thought leader in life for young women with arthritis.

Though her blog All Grown Up with JRA, she provides insightful articles and resources for other young women out there with arthritis to find their way in life and motherhood. She concentrates to provide more resources for women with arthritis in the age group of 25-35. She advises for constant change that one should adopt to cope up with the chronic illness.

She is a successful wife, daughter, and a puppy lover. She is going great on skiing and performing as an occupational therapist. Visit her blog (Update: the site seems to be down)

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Life According to Kenz

We saved the last one for the best in the list. Kenzie was just 14 when was first diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and over the past 6 years she had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic migraines without aura, cervica dystonia, hypoglycemia, endometriosis, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and PTSD. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her favorite dog Ophelia (to be licensed as service dog).

At the age of just 21, living with so many diseases and pain is a monumental task. And the best part is that she is vocal about it in her blog. You wouldn’t find many people open up about their own illness so much in their blog. Started as a journal, now her blog inspires and encourages many patients to battle against their chronic illness.

Kenzie continues to be an advocate and strives to bring change in so many people’s lives for better. She is a real hero that you should follow to find inspiration in your darkest times. Visit her blog >

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Final Thoughts

Thus you can get motivated from these twenty-five bloggers, and they will take you to the world of RA forum and show you how others fight the disease and pain.

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  1. I was diogonized with RA in 1992, lived through 26 years of RA, still going strong. Want to share my story

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