5 Amazing Recipes that will Quash Your Pregnancy Blues

article headerPregnancy is the time to cherish and care for life that is breathing inside of you. Some days are indeed difficult but what are those days compared to all the joy of being a MOM? But even still, no one wants to feel uncomfortable or depressed

No matter how much we try and stay positive and clear, depressive spells and mood swings are bound to come by. While these episodes are hard to get through, we can do certain small things to stay cheerful at the worst oftimes.


Do you like to cook? Or eat?

Either way, you can make it fun. Yes, even if you are pregnant.

Cooking isn’t as exhaustive as you think. Spend some time trying new recipes. Experiment with home ingredients such as ginger, foods, supplements, and superfoods. Keep the preparation time to love and smell the spices and aroma of the wonderful dishes you are making.

Or why don’t you give a try and see how fast the blue funk disappears?

If you love eating, be the Master Chef all the time ☺. Take a food tour and grab a bite from everyone’s kitchen. At the end of it all, love them or hate!. Perhaps even share a tip on ‘How to cook better’? Fun already?

See this beautiful infographic with some amazing vegetable recipes below. Veggies too keep our body fiber-rich and full of high spirits. Some of the superfoods are extremely beneficial to take during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Info Graphic

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