We care for our family and we want them to remain healthy at all times, right. Though you do your best to keep your home and surroundings clean, sometimes nasty bugs and pests pose a real challenge. Ants, spiders, flies and other insects can become real problems if we do not maintain our home and take proper care of it.

But, here is the problem: we rely on the use pesticides that contain harmful chemicals. Farmers and food producers do the same, they use pesticides and harmful chemicals, which ultimately gets into our body and also damage our environment.

So, what can we do about it? You’re right, adopt an organic and natural life-style habit with the use of home remedies. So in this article, I am going to share with you the best blogs, which will help you to live healthily and naturally by adopting a natural and organic life style.

Top 20 Healthy Living Blogs

The Bug Chicks – An interesting name, right. These ladies are amazing and worth following because they are super passionate about what they do. Meet Kristie and Jess, they are entomologists and their goal is to teach you about the amazing world of insects, arachnids and their relatives. 



 Beyond Pesticides – A non-profit organization, which has its headquarter in Washington, D.C. – they have been around for almost 35 years. Their main goal is to work with different allies to protect public health and the environment.  They are trying to raise public awareness working for creating a world free of toxic pesticide. It is a good website to follow, which has lot of information and how you can get involved and do your bit for the environment.

Bed Bug Central – You are right if you have problems with bed bugs or if you know someone who does, this is the go to website. They have have a team of experts with tons of information on this subject, and how to best deal with bed bugs. They have been featured in various national TV channels such as CBS, ABC and many others.


Girl Meets Bug – Yes, you are right, a very interesting blog so check it out. Daniella Martin is the blogger behind Girl Meets Bug. She writes about insect cooking and travel shows. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.

66 Square Feet Plus – Another great blog even featured in New York Times. Marie Viljoen is a writer, forager and gardener and you will find great ideas on how to grow plants and do gardening in small spaces or in roof tops.



A Way To Garden – A great blog on “Organic Living”. Margaret Roach, is a leading garden writer who has been writing for Martha Stewart Living for the last 25 years. There are some great podcasts which you can listen away any time.



Growing A Greener World – You will love this award-winning TV show, which features various topics on organic gardening, how to green living and farm to table cooking. The great thing about this TV Show is that it features people from various walks of life, who can inspire and spread the message of adopting green living.



Mr. Brown Thumb – A great blog from a passionate blogger who shares tips and tricks on organic gardening and how to use natural every day household stuff to prepare different herbal remedies, which keeps you and your family healthy and safe.



Royal Horticultural Society – A reputed organization with an excellent blog, which has high quality content written by experts. Their main goal is to make UK greener, but the tips and tricks are universal and they will work anywhere and enrich people’s life through trees and plants.

You Grow Girl – An excellent blog by Gayla Trail. She is a writer and a best selling author on natural living and gardening. You will find plenty of high quality articles on healthy and natural living. A blog definitely worth following.



Tiny Farm Blog – Have you ever dreamed of being a farmer? I bet we all do, and want to own a little garden or micro-farm in our backyard, and grow fresh and healthy organic fruits and vegetables. Yes you are right, this blog will give you plenty of information about Micro Farming.

Garden Organic – An excellent blog about organic products. How can you easily grow them in your backyard without spending a lot of money? Also, there are plenty of articles on the bad effects of pesticide and how you can avoid them.

JS Health – A blog by the best selling ‘Health Author’ Jessica Sepel. You will find lot’s of excellent articles in different areas of living a healthy lifestyle. It is certainly a blog worth following.


My New Roots – This is another excellent blog by Sarah B. She is a holistic nutritionist and shares different ideas for natural healthy living not just recipes. It is a blog worth following.



Organic Authority – This website is a trusted authority in everything you want to know about organic stuff. It is managed by the husband wife team Laura and John Klein.

Joyous Health – Joy McCarthy is the founder of this beautiful blog called Joyous Health. She shares her journey and various tips and strategies she used to live healthily despite having an hormonal imbalance.



Delicious Living – Another great blog to follow, they have been providing valuable information users from the past 30 years. There is plenty of information on good living, natural health supplements, good recipes and many more.

The Beauty Bean – An excellent blog which provides different types of healthy recipes and other lifestyle tips. This blog was also selected as top 10 blogs by Forbes Magazine.

She Knows – Another very popular blog worth following. It is a well-known lifestyle blog covering family matters, healthy living and many more.

101 Cookbooks – Another excellent blog worth following. Heidi shares awesome tasty vegetarian recipes. Spicy soups to tasty Red Lasagna, you name it.

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