Top 30 Hair Care Blogs To Follow

Do you want to learn about the latest trends or research-based hair care? It can be confusing to choose when there are tons of websites about the hair growth and the hair industry. But no worries, we’ve picked the best 30 bloggers on hair loss and hair care.

Here are our top 30 hair loss and hair care bloggers you should follow:​

Top 30 Hair Care Blogs To Follow

1.Women’s Hair Loss Project

This blog is a community for women suffering from hair loss. It is started by a woman who dealt with hair loss problem for 17 years. If you need a support group or you need to learn from those who have conquered the hair care problems, this blog is the place to be.

2.Corner of Hope and Mane

Corner of Hope and Mane

The Corner of Hope and Mane serves as a place for open conversation about hair woes. You’ll learn how to overcome hair problems and pick the right products.

3.Just Grow Already

Just Grow Already - Top 30 Blogs

This blog is about a woman’s journey from damaged, fragile and shoulder- length hair to long and healthy hair. She has been through several ups and downs before finally achieving success which she shares with everyone.

4.Hair and Makeup by Steph

In this blog, you can learn about make-up and hair styling tips from a professional hair stylist.

5.Hairlicious Inc

Hairlicious Inc

The owner of this blog shares her tips on how to achieve healthier and well-hydrated hair.

6.Naturally Curly

naturally curly - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

Do you want to learn techniques on how to maintain and improve your curly hair? This blog is for you.

7.Natural Hair Rules

Natural Hair Rules - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This is your website authority on making your natural hair the best that it can be.

8.KLG Hair Advise

This blog provides you with helpful tutorials about your mane.

9.Black Girl with Long Hair

Black girl with long hair serves not only as your guide for hair care, it also serves as a community for black women.

10.Hair Romance

In here you’ll learn plenty of tutorials and hair tricks. You can also get your daily dose of hair inspiration.

11.4 Chair Chick

4chairchick - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog is loaded with hair care tips and style inspiration for women with kinky textured hair.

12.My Haircare and Beauty

In here you’ll find the latest products, hair care, and beauty tips.

13.Posh Beauty Blog

poshbeautyblog - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

Posh Beauty Blog is your source for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle inspiration including the latest hair trends.


hair cars quare - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog is filled with helpful tips to make your hair the best that it can be.

15.Denver Hair Restoration

Did you lose your confidence because of hair loss? This blog will help you regain your confidence by bringing you the best tips and products for hair health.

16.TM Hair

TM Hair provides hope for those who are suffering from hair problems. They offer hair restoration remedies for hair loss at every stage and magnitude.


haironex - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog aims to solve every hair-related problem. It contains stories about how different people managed their hair woes.

18.Radiance Cosmedic Center

This is a website for professionals offering hair surgery, equipment, and pharmaceuticals that can help you remedy hair problems.

19.Dr. Soods

This is a website of a hair clinic offering hair transplant if you have tried everything but nothing works.

20.How to Hair Girl

howtohairgirl - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog offers DIY solutions for hairstyling and hair care.

21.Perfect Hair Guide

perfecthairguide - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

In here you will find the latest shampoo, hair growth vitamins and hair styling tools. You can also get a unique hair styles.

22.Multiracial Media

Multiracial media is a transformative community made for families of mixed races. They provide helpful tips about families, health, and even hair care.

23.Man for Himself

This blog offers different tutorials, tips, and trends for men’s fashion, lifestyle, and hair care.

24.Hair Loss Daily

hairlossdaily - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This website contains everything you need to know about your battle with hair loss.

25.Mo Knows Hair

moknowshair - Top 30 Hair care Blogs

Mo Knows Hair is your home for tutorials, product reviews, and hair styling tips.

26.Girl with Curves

girlwithcurl - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog shares information about hair care, fashion, and inspiration for curvy women.

27.Dirty Looks

dirtylooks - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

In here you’ll find the latest hairstyles and products for your crowning glory.

28.Longing 4 Length

If you’re desperate on searching how to make your hair grow, this blog is for you.

29.Heart Bows and Makeup

HeartBowsMakeup - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog is filled with reviews and tips to help you have excellent hairdo and fashion.

30. Big Hair Loud Mouth

Big Hair Loud Mouth - Top 30 Hair Care Blogs

This blog is loaded with fun, cool, and trendy fashion and hair care tips.

Those are the top 30 on our list for your hair care needs. Whatever information about hair you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it from the blogs above.

You may also want to check out our other articles on home remedies for hair growth like coconut oil, curry leaves, tea tree oil, etc.​

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