Garlic for Ear Infection
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Garlic for Ear InfectionEar infection is a common problem that occurs due to the accumulation of fluids in the middle ear. It can be caused by: a cold, flu, allergies, bacterial, dust and a viral presence in the ear.

Garlic, along with tea tree oil, is an excellent alternative to antibiotics to cure ear infection, and the following article will tell you exactly how!

How Garlic Helps To Teat Ear Infection:

  • Garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidizing properties that helps to treat the bacterial action on the ear that causes ear infection. It also helps to reduce the ear swelling, pain and infection.
  • It contains allicin, an anti-microbial property that works against the infection and pain in the inner ear.
  • It contains powerful aromatic compounds, which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are easily absorbed through the skin and the eardrum into inner ear surrounding tissues.

How to Use Garlic for Ear Infection:

Let’s have a look at some of the popular methods that can be used to treat ear infections.

Method – 1: (Garlic)

  1. Crush a few fresh garlic cloves and wrap in a small cloth.
  2. Place in the ear and let it sit for about 30 – 35 minutes.
  3. Take out the cloth to get relief from the pain.

Method – 2: (Garlic Juice)

  1. Mash a few garlic cloves well.
  2. Cover in a cloth and dab on the infected ear.

Method – 3: (Garlic with Mustard Oil)

  1. Heat a teaspoon of mustard oil or sesame oil, with 2-4 garlic cloves.
  2. Let the oil cook for few minutes and then apply this oil around or in your ear.

Method – 4: (Boiled Garlic Cloves with Salt)

  1. Boil 3 – 5 garlic cloves in water for 5 – 7 minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat and crush with salt.
  3. Put it in a cloth and place against affected area for few minutes.
  4. Repeat the process continuously.

Method – 5: (Garlic with St. Johnswort Oil)

  1. Mix half garlic, half St. Johnswort oil, a small amount of mullein oil and 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract.
  2. Pour it in the affected ear using an ear dropper.
  3. Repeat twice a day to get quick relief.

Method – 7: (Garlic Clove with Gauze or Cheese Cloth )

  1. Peel the skin off garlic clove and discard the tip.
  2. Wrap in a piece of gauze or cheesecloth.
  3. Place this in the infected ear with the cut end facing into the ear.
  4. Make sure you leave enough gauze to pull the garlic out.
  5. Place a warm rice bag or wash cloth over the ear.
  6. Do not push too deep into the ear and avoid use on children.
  7. Note: You can use warm garlic to get relief.

Garlic Oil for Ear Infection:

Garlic oil is an easy made, natural remedy to treat earache and ear infection. It helps to soothe the wax that builds up in the ear and reduces the pain and infection.

Method – 8: (Garlic Oil)

  1. Stir a few drops of garlic oil and mullein oil and pour in affected ear using an ear dropper.
  2. Leave it like that and repeat it regularly.

Method – 9: (Warm Garlic Oil)

  1. Heat a bowl of garlic oil in a bowl of hot water for few minutes.
  2. Place few drops in the infected ear by pulling the ear back and up.
  3. Let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes and then cover it with a cotton ball.
  4. This softens the wax and will prevent infection if used daily.

Method – 10: (Garlic Oil Capsules)

  1. Take a garlic oil capsule and puncture it to empty its contents.
  2. Pour the contents into the infected ear, tilting your head so the water does not come out
  3. Place a cotton ball over the ear and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Repeat daily.

Garlic and Olive Oil for Ear Infection:

This combination helps to treat the ear infection by softening the wax and gives relief from the pain and infection.

Method – 12:

  1. Ear drops that contain the extracts of garlic will help to reduce the pain of middle-ear infections in both adults and children.
  2. Crush 2 – 3 raw garlic cloves and add a few tablespoons of olive oil.
  3. Let it steep until the garlic juice has completely dissolved.
  4. Here allicin in the garlic is released.
  5. Then pour few drops into the infected ear canal using dropper.
  6. Allow it to sit for few minutes, before placing a cotton ball in the ear and leaving overnight.
  7. The next morning, cleanse your ear with hydrogen peroxide and put the cotton in your ear again.
  8. Note: You can use warm olive oil.

Method – 13:

  1. Mince a few garlic cloves and place in clean glass container.
  2. Cover with olive oil and let it sit for 30 – 60 minutes so that the healing allicin is released.
  3. Place a small rice bag, or sock containing rice, in a microwave to warm it up for few minutes.
  4. Strain the garlic pieces from the oil and place in a teaspoon
  5. Gently warm it up by placing the spoon on the top of the mug that contains hot water.
  6. Drop warm oil into the ear and place a cotton ball or wash cloth over this, making sure you are laying down, bad ear up.
  7. Now add the warm rice bag or sock and cover it with a towel for as long as you can.

Method – 14: (Garlic, Calendula Petals and Olive Oil)

  1. Heat your oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Place 1/2 oz of crushed garlic cloves and 1/2 ounce of calendula petals in a oven dish and cover with oil (Preferably olive oil) and stir well.
  3. Place them in the oven and turn it off.
  4. Allow it to stay on the oven for about 8 hours.
  5. Strain the oil and store in a labelled jar, make sure to keep refrigerated.
  6. Pour 3 – 5 drops of this garlic oil in affected ear to get rid of the infection.
  7. Repeat Regularly.


Follow these tips to get quick and safe relief from the ear infection:

  • Always use fresh garlic as this contains the most potent compounds than dried and bottled.
  • Don’t place any liquids into the ear if you suspect there may be a broken eardrum.
  • Treatment has to be repeated several times depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Garlic is a natural blood thinner; therefore its consumption should be very limited or avoided if you are taking blood thinning medication.
  • Your ears should always be clean to avoid ear infection.

We would love to know of any results you have in using these or any other treatments. Although if the problem persists, please consult your doctor.

  1. Hi. Can u plz tell me how to clean ears vid hydrogen provide. My 2 yr old keep tucking on her ears. Nd today she has fever. Nd i believe its cuz of the ear.

    1. Extract juice of 2 to 3 garlic cloves. using a dropper, pour garlic juice in the ear. After 5 minutes, blow dry the ear during a hair dryer. Make sure to place the hair dryer about 12 inches away from the head.

  2. I heated 3 cloves of garlic in olive oil and added a drop of vitamin e and bees wax. After the bees wax melted I strained the garlic and added 10 drops of tea tree oil and put it in a small container. I applied with a cotton swab 3 times a day and my ear felt better after the first day. It’s like a salve and I store it the refrigerator to use on other occasions.

  3. I am having a problem with my ear , What does the garlic do < ? other than ear wax I am light headed and I know it is coming from my ear ,,My Dr will not give me anything for it ,I need a antibiotic ,I believe
    Thank You

    1. As per your description, we are not sure about the problem with your ear. Can you specific the problem which help us to suggest the solution with garlic.

    1. Leftover mixture can be refrigerated for future use. But make sure to melt the mixture using a double boiler before using it for treatment.

  4. Can you use minced garlic if you don’t have garlic cloves? And how many times a day would you suggest?

  5. I have a slight hearing problem. Some one suggested to mix three cloves of garlic juice with 30 ml of olive oil. With a dropper, put 4/5 drops in each ear, keep lying for few minutes and plug the ear with cotton swab. use it for few days and hearing will be restored to full strenght in few days?

  6. Someone might mention that today’s garlic is mostly from China, thety cure EVERYTHING with arsenic so be careful when you purchase

  7. IS This applicable to one who has a cleft lip palate? My 2.5 yrs old daughter is and I don’t trust her doctor, who only gives medicine but it won’t heal. She is drinking the meds for a. Year and half now, i am against it. Me and my wife have different opinion and i am not a medicine believer not just from this ear infection but also common coughs and colds ( i always prefer natural remedies and it works always but my wife doesn’t believe that’s why we always fight ).
    What do you think is the best remedy of them all, my reference is olive oil and garlic, My wife told me that my daughter’s ear should be wet so after applying the garlic/olive oil, i should use the blower right away or after few minutes? Thanks for you in advance. Looking forward to hear from you.

  8. Hi, may i ask if the garlic oil is good for someone who has a cleft lip palate? My daughter is 2.8 mos. old and i am believer of natural remedies first before those pharmaceutical medicines that the doctor is giving to our kids.
    My daughter has a cleft lip palate and as we all know that ear infections are very common to those who have cleft lip palate.
    Me and wife always have a fight about this prescription medicines that my daughter is taking, and i am very much opposed to that idea. Why? It has been like more than a year now, and my wife is giving my daughter the medicines for her ear infection or i dunno what you call that white thing that the doctor says must be removed or otherwise she may lost her hearing. She has been drinking that for almost a year or so, and i told my wife that we should stop giving her that medicines because obviously it’s not working. Then the doctor said that they have to put the tube to remove those white thing, and then they did put a tube on my daughter’s ears but the result was the same, everytime she gets a coldi think it also affects her ears. I told my wife to treat the colds itself and should stop taking the medicines that she is insisting ( the doctor told her too that taking medicines for colds is not good too because it will go away anyway ).
    I have been researching all kinds of natural remedies for everything because I believe that it’s much better and safer alternatives to prescription medicines.
    As for my daughter’s ear, the tube that they put inside my daughter’s ear has fallen off according to doctor and may need another operation and I really don’t want that route since there is no proof that it may work so i am looking for a better and safer solution.
    Does garlic oil cure my daughter’s ear infection?
    The tube in her ear has fallen off so you think that the garlic oil will help mu daughter cure her?
    I want to do everything to cancel that operation and i am very sure that more useless medicines will follow and really don’t like it.
    Hoping for your response soon. Thank you in advance and more power.

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