Living with the swelling and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis is a very difficult and painful thing to deal with on a day to day basis. This pain is caused by the inflammation of the joints which can occur throughout the body. Many people who suffer from arthritis find day to day tasks very difficult and end up losing their independence while relying on help from others.

The only people who can understand the difficulties related to arthritis are the people who have been diagnosed and live with it every day. The internet allows for people to share stories and provide their own detailed descriptions of how they manage with arthritis and the difficulties they face. This is a great way to bring together an international community that can seek comfort in an uncomfortable situation.

These are 30 of the top arthritis bloggers that I have found to be influential in sharing and teaching about arthritis.

Marys Arthritis

A Chronic Dose
Warmsocks Brass And Ivory
All Flared Up Figment Of Fitness
Inflamed Sticks and Stones
Rheuma Blog Getting Closer To Myself
Figment Of Fitness Pony Bionic
From This Point Forward Raun Bridled
Living With RA Skye Uruz
Muscles and RA Synovia Syntax
Rheuma Girl The Young Face Of Arthritis
RA Journeys Sunrise Living
Cups Quietly Being Filled Bowl Of Heaven
Mommy With RA Patients Like Me
MAID in Alaska Kris Kitchen
Small Town Girl In A Big City Indi Blogger
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