10 Safe Sex Tips to Protect You From STDs

10 Safe Sex TipsWe’ve all been told the safest way to have sex and avoid having herpes is by practicing abstinence.  But that’s like saying the safest way to drive your car is not to drive at all, and that just doesn’t make sense.  


Here’s 10 REAL safe sex tips that will protect you from STDs.  

10 Safe Sex Tips to Protect You From STDs

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  1. Keep your protection with you anytime there’s a chance of sex.

    If it’s always on you it’s easy to use and you won’t have to worry about risk when you’re caught in the heat of the moment.

  2. Get tested regularly.

    As part of a general health check-up it’s good to be tested for STIs and STDs if there’s any chance you could have one.  You don’t want to be the one spreading these around!

  3. Ask your partner if they’ve been tested recently.

    Sure, it’s awkward and tough to ask, but isn’t it better to just know?  Once it’s out of the way you’ll sleep better.

  4. Only have sex when you aren’t under the influence.

    If your judgement is impaired by drugs or alcohol it’s best to avoid having sex unless it’s with your partner in a stable monogamous relationship.

  5. Don’t drop protection because your partner says it feels better.

    We all have our worries and don’t want to miss out by saying no.  You won’t regret standing your ground, you will regret getting an STD.

  6. Have sex with only one partner.

    Having multiple partners increases your risk of picking up an STD.  It’s possible they have multiple partners as well increasing risk for everyone involved.

  7. Avoid sex with a partner you just met when you don’t have protection.

    If you don’t know them well, you can’t trust that they are being honest about a recent test.  It’s better to wait.

  8. The pull out method does not have anything to do with STDs

    This method is built around avoiding pregnancy and isn’t even effective in that case.  The only protection from STDs are physical barriers and testing.

  9. One time is all it takes to get an STD.

    Just this once isn’t good enough. If they have an STD you are likely to get it as well.  Don’t risk it.

  10. Use condoms during foreplay.

    Although it’s less appealing, these keep you safe until you’ve both been tested and are confident neither of you has an STD or STI.

These tips are all here to help you avoid contracting an STD or STI.  If you currently have Herpes, please be sure to checkout our article on home treatment for herpes here.


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