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Every day, we come across so many posts on social media emphasizing the importance of working out daily. And when we hear the word workout, the first (and probably the only thing) that comes to mind is the gym! Now there are quite a lot of us who absolutely love hitting the gym – and then there are a bunch of us who hate the gym! And no matter how much we motivate ourselves to work out in the gym every day, we just cannot do it.

Quite a lot of us want to work out but don’t want to do it in the gym – and that’s perfectly alright! Here are some different forms of workouts you can try out instead of forcing yourself to head to the gym. Workouts should be fun, too, right? So let’s run you through such fun workout ideas:


If you’re a water baby and love splashing in the water, swimming is the perfect workout for you. The best part about swimming is that it offers a complete body workout in a single swim session of 45 minutes! In addition, it is a relaxing and peaceful exercise that can instantly alleviate stress. Swimming is especially a great workout option for those recovering from injuries – it is a low-impact form of exercise. It can help burn calories in a steady, systematic manner.

Indoor Climbing

Why fret about unfavorable weather outside when you can choose to climb walls and boulders indoors? Indoor climbing is slowly gaining popularity as a workout form. It is a comprehensive form of exercise that indulges your core, upper body, legs, and forearms. You’d have to go through a drill of warming up exercises and yoga to improve your climbing skills – but once your body is all set, nothing can stop you from climbing those high indoor walls effortlessly!


The best part about dance is that it’s an intense cardio exercise that’s also fun! All you need to do is make a fun playlist of peppy songs that will get you grooving! Dance is a free form of expression, so there are no rules; you just have to get started! But if you want to learn a dance form, you can always choose to learn fast-moving dance styles such as salsa, hip-hop, Zumba, Bollywood dancing, or even hula hoop! All these dance forms are super quick and just right to burn off those extra calories!


If exercising indoors isn’t your thing, you can always venture outdoors into nature. Irrespective of the type of trail you choose to hike on, hiking is an excellent whole-body workout, that too, amid nature. You can consider starting with simpler trails, and as your body gets used to hiking, you can choose more challenging ones. Hiking improves your sense of balance and helps to build stronger muscles and bones. It also helps get rid of respiratory ailments by boosting your lung capacity. So the next time you’re looking for a good workout outdoors, simply set out for a hike!


On days you aren’t in the mood for intense workouts, simply head out for a walk! After all, some activity is better than no workout at all! Walking may pass off as a simple form of exercise, but if you walk every day, you will notice how much difference it has on your body’s overall fitness. With walking, you can lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight. It is a consistent process, but the results of walking stay with you for a longer time too. A 20-30 minute walk is a good enough dose of everyday exercise. And the best part? You can walk any time of the day at a place of your choice!

Summing Up

We’ve listed a couple of fun workout forms that you can try out instead of gymming. You need not compel yourself to pursue a single form of workout every day – you can mix and match your weekly workout schedule so that there won’t be one boring day! You’d have something new to try out every day and look forward to exercising. So what are you waiting for? Chart out your ‘fun’ workout schedule right away!

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