Tea Tree Oil for Ear InfectionEar infections can be caused by everything from wax buildup and food allergies to fetal alcohol syndrome, genetic defects, and internal injuries. Generally, they are caused by viruses, bacteria, and excess fluid that build up in the Eustachian tubes. This leads to symptoms like earache, pressure changes, fever, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, fluid leakage, difficulty sleeping, and an inability to hear properly. Ear infections can affect the outer(otitis externa), middle (otitis media), or internal ear (otitis interna), but middle ear infections are most common. Doctor is required to treat chronic ear infection.

Ear infections are more common in children than adults, and they can be effectively treated by antibiotics. But because prescription antibiotics kill the good bacteria our bodies actually need along with the bad bacteria that cause infections, they often lead to unwanted side effects. Fortunately, there is a safe, natural, and very effective way to treat small ear infections without prescription antibiotics.

It’s tea tree oil. Derived from the Australian Melaleuca Alterniflora tree, this essential oil has been used for centuries to cure many different ailments. As with over-the-counter and prescription medications, tea tree oil should always be diluted and should only be used as recommended, as excessive can cause negative side effects.

Does Tea Tree Oil Helps To Treat Ear Infection?

Let’s take a look at some of the properties that make tea tree oil an effective remedy for ear infection.

  • Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It kills the bacteria that cause ear infection.
  • It has anti inflammatory property that reduces inflammation, pain and irritation.
  • Tea tree oil helps remove dirt, excess fluids, and other impurities that clog the ear and lead to infection.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Treat Ear Infection:

Here are some effective methods about how to use tree tea oil to get rid of the ear infection.

1. Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, and Colloidal Silver


  • 3 drops of tea tree oil
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar


  • Add all ingredients to a pan and place over low heat until warm.
  • Fill a dropper with this solution.
  • Lie on your side with your head on a towel.
  • Drip the solution into one ear.
  • Do not move for 5-10 minutes.
  • Roll over to let the ear drain.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Repeat 3 times a day for 3 days.

2. Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil

  • In a pan, warm ¼ cup of olive oil and add 3 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Put the warm solution in a dropper.
  • Tilt head to one side and drip the solution into one ear.
  • Don’t move for 3 minutes.
  • Get back to upright position and allow the ear to drain.
  • Dab with a clean cotton ball to clean the oil.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Repeat regularly to treat ear infection.
  • Note: you can also use mineral oil or vegetable oil instead of olive oil.

3. Tea Tree Oil Steam

Inhaling tea tree oil-infused steam, is effective because the antiseptic properties spread through the sinuses, ears, and respiratory system in the form of vapor, killing all bacteria that might lie within these interrelated systems. It is very effective to treat earache caused by sinus blockage or any respiratory problems.


  • Boil 2 cups of water and stir in 3 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Turn off heat.
  • Drape a towel over your head.
  • Lean over the pot and inhale the steam for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat daily.
  • You can also put a few drops tea tree oil in a humidifier.

4. Tea Tree Oil with Warm Water

  • Warm ¼ cup of water and stir in 3 drops tea tree oil.
  • Put the solution in a dropper.
  • Lie on your side with your head on a towel.
  • Drip the solution into one ear.
  • Don’t move for 5 minutes.
  • Turnover and allow the ear to drain.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Repeat 3 times a day for 3 days.

5. Tea Tree Oil Rub

  • Mix 3 drops tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of warm water or olive oil.
  • Use fingertips to rub this solution on the back of the ear.
  • Rub gently to get relief from pain.
  • Apply regularly to get rid of ear infection.

6. Tea Tree, Juniper, and Lavender Oils

  • In a small bowl, mix 5 drops each of tea tree, juniper, and lavender oils.
  • Pour this solution into a dropper.
  • Use the dropper to pour 2 drops into one ear.
  • Stuff a cotton ball in the ear so it doesn’t drip.
  • Leave it in for 3 minutes.
  • Tilt head to drain.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Repeat daily until you get relief from ear infection.
  • Note: You can also use only tea tree oil and lavender oil.

7. Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil

  • In a bowl, mix 5 drops of tea tree oil, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Heat until it get warm and pour the solution into a dropper.
  • Lie down with your head on a towel.
  • Use the dropper to pour the solution into one ear.
  • Don’t move for 5 minutes.
  • Turnover and allow the ear to drain.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Repeat 3 times a day for 3 days.

8. Tea Tree, Lavender, and Olive Oil Rub

  • In a bowl, mix 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and ¼ cup of olive oil.
  • Use fingertips to massage this solution gently all around both ears.
  • Repeat daily.
  • Note: you can also add 10 drops of chamomile oil for better results.

9. Tea Tree, Neem, and Sesame Oils

Neem oil kills the bacteria that cause ear infection and soothes the inflammation while sesame oil neutralizes the other two oils to prevent irritation.


  • In a bowl, mix 10 drops of neem oil, 10 drops of Tea tree oil, and 2 tablespoons of sesame oil.
  • Pour this solution into a dropper.
  • Lie on your side with your head on a towel.
  • Use the dropper to pour solution into one ear.
  • Don’t move for 5 minutes.
  • Turnover and allow the ear to drain.
  • Repeat with the other ear.
  • Follow regularly to treat ear infection
  • Note: You can replace sesame oil with olive oil or almond oil.

10. Tea Tree Oil, Garlic, and Mullein

  • Peel and mince one garlic clove.
  • Chop ½ a fresh mullein leaf.
  • Mix garlic and mullein with 2/3 cup of olive oil.
  • Pour solution into air-tight, transparent container and leave in the sun for 10 days.
  • Use a clean, dry cotton cloth to strain the mixture.
  • Stir in 5 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Use a dropper to pour 5 drops into infected ear.
  • Leave in 10 minutes, then drain and repeat process with other ear.
  • Repeat 4 times a day until infection is gone.

Tips and Precautions for Using Tea Tree Oil:

  • Always dilute tea tree oil before use, otherwise it may cause irritation, discomfort, and swelling of skin or mucous membranes.
  • Dilute with olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or water, and make sure your solutions contain 3% or less of tea tree oil.
  • If your ear infection lasts more than 48 hours, or if it becomes severely painful and comes with a fever, consult a doctor immediately.
  • If you experience unexpected or severe side effects, stop using tea tree oil and contact a doctor right away.
  • When consumed by mouth undiluted, tea tree oil can cause confusion, unsteadiness, rash, and even coma.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using tea tree oil.

Have you tried any of these methods for using tea tree oil to cure ear infection? Which ones worked best for you? Share your experience with us!

    1. As per your comment, we are unsure of which method you are specifying. The quantity to put in the ear is mentioned in each method.

    2. Do not put any tea tree oil in
      Your ear.I did it to my ear and it burned and felt awful . I asked my doctor about it and he said never to put oil in your ears. The only oil you can put in your ear is mineral oil. Mineral oil helps put that in your ear not tea tree oil.

      1. If dilute properly, it doesn’t cause any burning sensation.If you are using it for the first time, it is better to start with very less quantities and gradually increase to the quantity mentioned above.

        1. but one of the remedies says use 5 drops each of tea tree and lavender. i used 3 each for my son and he cried in pain for 15 minutes i put olive oil in his ear to try to calm him. damn, i wish i read this comment first.

    1. Yes, it is safe. But if the application is causing irritation, redness or burning sensation then avoid the application.

  1. I just put a small amount on a cotton swab and rubbed in my ear will that work?? I dont have any other oils to dilute with, i guess i could use water

  2. Hi,

    I have put tea tree oil on a cotton at the entrance of my ear ( to treat eczema( and now I got pain all along the ear conduct, what can I do ?

    1. you might have applied undiluted tea tree oil so it caused burning sensation. Tea tree oil is very strong it should be diluted with carrier oil like olive oil.

  3. I put tea tree oil undiluted in my right ear for ear ache. Worked splendidly; was gone in less than 2 hours. Now I put it in left ear undiluted …wow what a sting, but over all feeling better it has only been 30 minutes. Did all this before reading you site. I can feel the tea tree oil cleaning up my ear… There was solid debris in left ear. I pray it gets better… I hate DR’s

    1. Combine 3 drops of tea tree oil into 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil). Massage the mixture on the affected areas and leave it overnight. Rinse with lukewarm water in the morning. Repeat the process daily.

  4. In doing this for my 5 year old child, the amount I warm up of the first solution ( tee tree, silver, cider and olive oil), the amount is alot, can I rewarm it for the second application? Or once warmed I have to dispose of it?

    1. You can use it second time as well or you can prepare the solution by reducing the quantity as per your requirement.

  5. I put 3 or 4 drops of Tea tree oil on a cotton ball wet with warm water to put in my sons ear to help with a couple of blind pimples. Unfortunately he squeezed the cotton ball and the liquid went down the ear channel. He was then in agony with the pain inside his ear. That was yesterday, and still today he is saying its still throbbing . What should I do?
    Thanks for advice.

    1. He will get relief by cleaning the ears. Here is the safe process of cleaning an ear. Pour a few drops of warm water (no more than that!) into the affected ear. Let it sit for a few minutes to clear up. Now turn your head to allow the liquid to drain away. Clean the outer ear using cotton ball to absorb the mess. Try this process for once in a day. If he hasn’t got any relief then consult a doctor.

  6. I have a punctured eardrum which I did myself with a cotton bud and now it feels infected. Do you think it is safe to put tea tree oil and olive oil in my ear?

    1. Avoid putting the tea tree oil and olive oil in the year. We recommend consulting a doctor to get the situation diagnosed and do whatever he suggests.

  7. Can I use tea tree oil to relieve a sore throat? I know you can’t consume it but could I make a rub or put a few drops in some hot water and inhale the steam? Thanks!

    1. Yes, you can use tea tree oil as a rub or use it for steam to get relief from sore throat. Make sure to dilute it before application as direct application can cause irritation and burning sensation.

  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You. I have been suffering for nearly 5 weeks. Had been given 3 rounds of steroids and antibiotics. Was told my ear and throat pain was allergies. But being 2 dr,s didn’t understand why I had a random fever and swollen glands. I was to wait to see specialist. Today the specialist postponed my appt.
    Being that I randomly experienced ear pain and sore throat, I diagnosed myself with either IEI, or tonsil stones.
    Found this solution today with TTO, & olive oil. After a few minutes I could literally feel ( slight pain) something moving from my ear to my throat, then GONE. For the 1st time my food has tasted as it should and glands have gone down, no more sore throat or pain in ear since. TTO is my now proven go to.

  9. I put one drop of tea tree oil on a q-tip & rotated the q-tip right in the entrance of my ear canal & behind my ear. It’s literally been 5 minutes earache is easing no sting or burn! I can feel a drainage from my ear to throat and am feeling no pain!

  10. Can you do the steam a few times a day? I don’t care to put drops in my ears. Does this cause dizziness? Is it safe to do several times a day? Thanks

  11. I put a few drops of tee tree oil in my husband’s ear. He didn’t feel any discomfort but he could feel it. He had me put poroxcide in his ear. Now he has fluid on his ear. He’s very uncomfortable. Di you have any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  12. Will rubbing coconut oil and tea tree around and in back of the ear Work to treat an ear infection? Anyone knows what works to treat TMJ pain? Natural remedy preferred

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