Food for Strong and Healthy Nails

Food for Strong and Healthy Nails

A great beauty regime is nothing without a healthy diet, and nails are no exception! Forget the medicine cabinet and open your fridge to find some of the secrets to amazing nails.

Here are ten foods to polish up your diet and keep your nails healthy and strong.

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Salmon – This particular fish is high in Vitamin D, which will help your nails grow and stay strong and hard!

Eggs – A breakfast staple that is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals that are essential for strong nails

Brown Rice – Choose brown rice over pasta for a boost of protein and biotin that will help lead to healthier nails.

Red Meat – Iron is crucial for nail health and lean red meat is full of it! Those who have an iron deficiency may struggle with dull, brittle nails so finding additional sources is key!

Blueberries – Don’t be blue! Blueberries are high in antioxidant properties, which can help reverse the inflammation and damage of nail cells.  

Spinach – Go green with this dark, leafy veggie that is packed with calcium, iron and antioxidants that are great for nail health.

Sunflower Seeds – This snack is one of the best for strong and healthy nails as it’s full of Vitamin E and iron.

Bananas – Bananas are a delicious source of biotin to give your nails strength. They are also loaded with vitamins that will help them operate effectively.

Green Peas – Improve your nails’ strength and speed up growth with this extra punch of protein

Flaxseed Oil – Adding more essential fatty acids to your diet like this one will give your nails moisture and help to keep them from flaking.

You may also check out some other home remedies for your nails such as baking soda, lavender oil, etc.


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