Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy TestDid you miss your period? Wondering you may be pregnant? This dilemma often makes a woman anxious. Using a commercial pregnancy kit often can be expensive, so you can always rely on a homemade pregnancy test. They were used by women before the invention of commercial kits.

Generally, a pregnancy test detects the hCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) hormone which can be traced either in urine or blood. hCG hormone is released by the cells in the placenta. The placenta is a sac that is formed to protect the egg once it gets attached to the uterus wall.

Homemade pregnancy test also looks for the same hormone in urine.

In this article, we have listed down pregnancy test you can try at the comfort of your home. But before learning them let’s find out the appropriate time to take the test.

When to Conduct a Test?

Missed period is the first sign of being pregnant. Many women may have a late period, so it is better to wait for 1 or 2 weeks. If you didn’t start your monthly cycle yet, then you can take a test.

How to Increase the Accuracy of Homemade Pregnancy Tests?

While taking a test, few unknown mistakes can lead to inaccurate test results. So it is important to know how to carry out the test perfectly.

  • It is always recommended to use morning’s first urine as it is more concentrated making it easier to detect the hCG hormone.
  • Use only plastic containers, spoons and spatula to collect the urine samples and mix the other test ingredients. If you are using to test later then collect the urine in a cup with lid.
  • Too little urine can lead to confusing results. So use the same (or more) amount of urine as the ingredient you are combining for the test.
  • Sometimes, the chemical reaction may take more time than you expect. So it is better to wait at least 5 – 10 minutes before drawing a conclusion.
  • To make sure the reaction is constant, repeat the process several times.
  • Instead of relying on a single test, try different tests and compare the results to confirm the result.
  • Always perform the test on a flat surface and avoid shaking or disturbing the test samples during testing.

Note: Discard the plastic containers, spoons, and spatula immediately after performing the pregnancy test.

Homemade/DIY Pregnancy Tests:

We have listed 15 homemade pregnancy tests which use cost effective and easily available as home remedies with ingredients like vinegar, bleach, baking soda, mustard powder, toothpaste, Pine Sol, hydrogen peroxide, Tylenol and other ingredients.

1. Toothpaste

You will need plain white toothpaste for this test. Gel toothpaste and the pastes with colored stripes or grains won’t give effective results.

How to use toothpaste for a pregnancy test?

  • Take a small amount of white toothpaste in a bowl.
  • Add equal (or slightly less) amount of collected urine to the toothpaste.
  • If the toothpaste turns blue or becomes frothy then it means the test result is positive.
  • If there is no color change and no forth on the paste then the result is likely negative.

Note: You can make use of a spatula or a brush to mix the paste with the urine.

2. Mustard powder

This process helps you to know if you are pregnant or if it is just a late period. Be patient while doing this test, as it takes 1 day to 2 weeks to know the results. It helps process helps to heat your body and ease your periods.

How to use mustard for a pregnancy test?

  • Fill up a bathtub with hot water.
  • Add 2 cups of fresh mustard powder into it.
  • Stir the water well with your hands.
  • Now, get into the bathtub and soak yourself in the mustard water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Take a shower with warm water after the soak.
  • If you have late periods, you will get them in 2 days.
  • Even after 2 weeks, if you didn’t get period after this remedy, then it is an indication of pregnancy.
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3. Bleach

It is commonly used as a cleanser and can be found in almost any household. It easily reacts to the hCG present in the urine.

How to use bleach for a pregnancy test?

  • Take some bleach in a container.
  • Pour the collected urine on the bleach and watch for any reaction.
  • It the mixture foams and fizzes then the pregnancy test is positive.
  • If there is no reaction then the result is negative.


Bleach is a potentially dangerous substance so it should be handled with great care. Wear disposable gloves and perform the test outdoors in order to avoid the harmful effects of toxic fumes.

4. Dandelion Leaves

Fresh dandelion leaves react to the hCG hormone levels in the urine. Dandelion leaves are one of the oldest pregnancy test tools that have been used for centuries by women to confirm pregnancy. This herb is still widely available in gardens and parks.

How to use Dandelion leaves for a pregnancy test?

  • Collect a few fresh dandelion leaves from the plant and store them away from the direct sunlight as this could interfere with the results.
  • Place the leaves in a plastic container and add early morning urine to it so that the leaves soak thoroughly. Make sure the leaves are completely covered with urine.
  • Let the leaves soak for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes if reddish blisters appear on the leaves then it indicates pregnancy.
  • If no blisters appear on the leaves then you can let the leaves soak for another 10 minutes and check whether the leaves react to the urine.
  • No reaction or absence of blisters indicates no pregnancy.


The time taken for this result may vary from 10 minutes to even an hour.

5. Sugar:

The homemade pregnancy test using sugar is one of the most reliable tests that give accurate results. The hCG hormones present in the urine don’t allow dissolving of sugar/glucose.

How to use sugar for a pregnancy test?

  • Take a few spoonfuls of sugar in a bowl.
  • Add collected urine to the sugar.
  • Notice whether the sugar granules form clumps or not.
  • If the sugar forms clump then the result is positive.
  • If the sugar just dissolves into the urine then the test result is negative.

Note – As with most pregnancy tests, the sugar pregnancy test is best with the early morning urine which is more concentrated.

It is important to use white sugar. As powdered sugar doesn’t have the ability to clump and dissolves even if you are pregnant.

6. Vinegar

White vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient and a cost-effective test that gives reliable results.

How to use vinegar for a pregnancy test?

  • Pour white vinegar in a bowl.
  • Add urine to it that has been collected in the morning.
  • Look for any color change in the solution.
  • Color change indicates a positive result.
  • If there is no change in color then the result is negative.

Note: There is no scientific research done to set the amount of vinegar to be used in this method. So sometimes the results may be inaccurate. The waiting period is also unknown to confirm the results.

7. Tuna Juice and Vinegar

Combination of white vinegar and tuna juice makes a simple and reliable homemade pregnancy test.

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How to use tuna juice and vinegar solution for pregnancy test?

  • Take 1/4th cup each of tuna juice and white vinegar in a bowl and mix well.
  • Leave it overnight at the room temperature
  • Pour 1/4th cup of urine to the mixture.
  • Wait for a few minutes and look for any color change.
  • If the color changes to orange-yellow then the test result is negative.
  • If the color changes to light green then the test result in positive.

8. Pine Sol

Apart from being used as a cleaning agent, pine sol also helps to indicate pregnancy. Always use natural pine sol which doesn’t contain any fragrances or additives.

How to use Pine-Sol for pregnancy test?

  • Pour some Pine Sol into a white or transparent vessel to check color consistency.
  • Add your first urine sample into it.
  • Wait and look for any color changes.
  • If the mixture changes color then the test result is positive.
  • If the mixture does not change color then the test result is negative.

The reaction doesn’t give a particular color change. All you have to observe is a slight change in the base color.

Note: Even though many women believe in this method, there is no scientific research made to mention the enough color change expected to draw a conclusion on pregnancy. A recommended time frame for the color change is also unknown.

9. Soap Water

A piece of soap can be of a helping hand to know the hCG presence in your urine. Though it is not as effective as the rest of the tests, but it is worth a try if you don’t have vinegar or bleach at hand.

How to use soap water for a pregnancy test?

  • Collect your first morning urine sample in a bowl.
  • Add soapy lather to it.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then check for any reaction.
  • If the mixture starts forming bubbles then it may indicate pregnancy.
  • If there is no reaction then pregnancy is not likely.

10. Baking Soda

Baking Soda for home pregnancy test can give 70% accurate results. You can perform the baking soda test at home before visiting a doctor for final confirmation.

How to use baking soda for a pregnancy test?

  • Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of urine sample to the baking soda and wait for a few minutes.
  • If the solution starts to fizzle then it indicates a positive result.
  • If the baking soda does not react to the urine then it means the result in negative.

11. Peroxide and Tylenol

Although peroxide and Tylenol may not be readily available in your home but you can get these two ingredients from any pharmacy.

How to use peroxide and Tylenol for a pregnancy test?

  • Collect early morning urine in a container.
  • Take a small amount of Tylenol and crush it.
  • Add an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide to the Tylenol. Make sure to use a glass bowl to avoid unwanted chemical reactions with the metal or plastic.
  • Add the urine to it.
  • Wait for a few minutes to notice any color change.
  • If the mixture turns blue then in all probability you are pregnant.
  • If the color of the mixture remains unchanged then it means the test result is negative.


Using red Tylenol pills can turn your urine into brown. For best results, make sure to use white pills only.

12. Only Urine Test

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to determine pregnancy is by collecting a sample of urine first thing in the morning and noticing it after 24 hours.

How to use plain urine for a pregnancy test?

  • Collect the first morning urine in a clean and dry glass jar.
  • Keep the jar somewhere where it remains undisturbed for the next 24 hours.
  • Examine the urine after 24 hours.
  • If a thin white layer forms on the surface of the urine then it indicates pregnancy.
  • If no white layer forms on the surface of the urine then pregnancy is not likely.
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13. Wheat and Barley

This test has been popular since Egyptian times and during a laboratory experiment it has provided accurate results 70% of the time.

How to use wheat and barley for a pregnancy test?

  • On a course of several days, urinate on wheat and barley seeds.
  • If the wheat or barley sprouted then the woman is pregnant.
  • If neither of the ingredients sprouted then she is not pregnant.


A specific amount of urine or ingredients or time limit for checking results is unknown.

14. Latch Test

The latch test is based on the according to a book “The Distaff Gospels” which was written in 15th century.

How to use latch for a pregnancy test?

  • Pee in a basin and put a latch in it.
  • Leave it undisturbed till 3 – 4 hours.
  • Now thrown away the urine and remove the latch.
  • If you find an impression of latch on the basin, then you are pregnant.
  • If you didn’t find any impression, then the result is negative.

Do Homemade Pregnancy Tests Provide 100% Accurate Results?

100% accuracy rate cannot be obtained with Homemade or DIY tests.

Sometimes, the accuracy of these tests can depend on the hCG hormone levels in the urine which are highest in the morning’s first urine. Apart from that, the results may be inaccurate.

Even though, homemade test work similarly like commercial ones, it is sometimes difficult to interpret the results because

  1. Specific amount of time to conclude the result in difficult to interpret.
  2. Chemical reaction of urine to different substances varies based on the ingredient used.
  3. No calculated ratios of urine and ingredients are known.

Luckily, with proper measures to increase the accuracy of tests (mentioned above) can provide the best possible results.

Next Steps after Concluding the Result

After trying various tests and getting negative results, you may not be pregnant. But if you still have an instinct of being pregnant, contact your nearest physician for the same.

If the homemade test turned out positive, then congrats as being pregnant is a wonderful thing! You may now contact gynecologist or obstetrician for a prenatal care. You will then be experiencing pregnancy morning sickness which is okay, ginger is one of your bestfriends!


Initially, if you want to maintain secrecy, then homemade pregnancy test can be a convenient and inexpensive way to find out the result. But they should never be a replacement to pharmaceutical test or consulting a doctor as they have a low-level accuracy in early pregnancy.

In order to find out the exact result, consult a gynecologist. They can confirm your pregnancy and help you with next steps. Don’t fret when your pregnancy is confirmed, there are amazing things you can do at home to quash your pregnancy blues!

You may also want to start your research especially with the changes in your diet, you want to make sure you are not having terrible foods for your child’s body.

Let us know which one of the above test you tried or worked for you. You can share your experience and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve taken the pin Sol and bleach tests and got positive results but took a clear blue countdown and it was negative… But I haven’t missed my period yet.. I’m confused on which to believe

  2. I did the sugar test and most of the sugar dissolved but some of it didn’t dissolve,does that mean I’m pregnant?

    1. Try the process again after 7 days. This time if the sugar starts clumping then the result can be positive. It is just dissolved, then the results is negative. Make sure to try it with the first urine in the morning.

    1. We recommend consulting a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Just like commercial tests, these tests provide approximately accurate results.

  3. Am 46yrs+ I had my mensuration in March 13, 2017 till 15th March. 2017. I didn’t see it in April 9,2017 up till now. does that mean am pregnant or menopause has started? pls help.

    1. We recommend taking pregnancy test or contact a gynecologist. A physical examination helps to determine the right reason.

  4. I am 16 days late. I did the urine and bleech test. It automatically began fizzing and bubbling. I have taken 4 test in a weeks time and all show negative.

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